Goldman Sachs Tower

One of the tallest skyscrapers not just in Jersey City, but in the entire Garden State, this towering steel construction looms over the waterfront. 

The Goldman Sachs Tower, also known as 30 Hudson Street, towers above Jersey City’s waterfront overlooking the Hudson River. Marvel at the height of the glistening glass-covered skyscraper and take photographs of the adjacent Colgate Clock, another recognizable icon of the Jersey City skyline.

The tower was built for Goldman Sachs bank in 2004. Crane your neck to survey the structure, which at a height of 781 feet (238 meters) is the tallest building in New Jersey State. On bright days, the glass cladding sparkles under the sunlight.

Though it was constructed especially for Goldman Sachs, the 42-story building is now occupied by multiple tenants. Enter the tower and find a restaurant open to the public as well as a lobby coffee bar. Most of the tower’s upper space is used as offices by private businesses.

From outside the tower, appreciate the view across the Hudson to the Manhattan skyline. The tower is almost directly opposite New York’s One World Trade Center, which at 1,776 feet (541 meters) is New York’s tallest building. Follow the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway along the riverside for even more photo-worthy views.

The tower is also visible from across the water in Manhattan. If you find yourself on the southwestern end of Lower Manhattan during your trip, look out across the Hudson to see the Goldman Sachs Tower from afar.

While you are at the tower, be sure to check out the adjacent Colgate Clock, a long-standing fixture of the Jersey City skyline. This neon-lit clock has a diameter measuring 50 feet (15 meters) and has stood on the waterfront since the 1920s. Find the clock on a plot of land beside the tower.

The Goldman Sachs Tower is located on the waterfront at 30 Hudson Street. Nearby attractions include the old Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal and Liberty State Park, which contains the family-friendly Liberty Science Center. The Empty Sky 9/11 memorial is on the far side of the Morris Canal Basin.

Reach the tower on foot, via ferries that stop for Paulus Hook or by PATH train to Exchange Place.