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An island nation in the Central Pacific and right on the equator, Kiribati consists of 33 sun-soaked atolls. Once a British colony, this now independent country in Micronesia boasts thousands of years of history prior to European contact. Vacations to Kiribati are a true getaway, so come splash in warm Pacific waters.

Island Hopping in Kiribati

The country's three island groups are the Gilbert Islands, Line Islands, and Phoenix Islands. Though most people taking Kiribati vacations don't visit every island group, there is something to see in each. In the western Gilbert Islands lies the capital of Tarawa, where you can learn about the Battle of Tarawa during World War II at Betio Island. Abaiang is also a part of the Gilbert Islands, and is known for Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church. In the Gilbert Islands you'll find some of the best beachside Kiribati hotels. The Phoenix Islands Protected Area is the world's largest marine protected area, featuring breathtaking coral and over 500 fish species to delight your senses.

Recurring Festivals and Events

Visiting the Kiribati islands during different times of the year provides you with the opportunity to attend seasonal events like the Spring Festival, held during Easter week. In Tarawa, you can watch traditional dances that mimic the frigatebird. Don't be put off by the lack of smiles, though. Dancing here is a form of storytelling and a show of skill and endurance. During Christmas time, is there any better place to be than Christmas Island? The entire island is decked out in red! Visit Thundercliffe Cave, where divers surface in an air-filled cave decked out in a fabulous light display.

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