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    Family Cruising

    Huge Savings on Spring & Summer Cruises!

    Say goodbye to your typical land based family vacation and say hello to family cruising made easy. Now, when you book through Travelocity getting the whole family on board for a bizarre vacation is a whole lot easier. Plus, when you add in activities and events, the whole family will get to laugh, play, relax, and connect together. So, what are you waiting for? Get onboard and discover that with so much to do for the family, you won’t do the same thing twice, unless you want to.

    Disney Cruises

    Featured Family-Friendly Cruise Line

    Disney Cruise Lines offers an endless array of Disney-themed entertainment you won't find anywhere else. Disney ships boast activities that bring the family together in unique and unforgettable ways. Enjoy your favorite Disney Characters, and enjoy the only fireworks display at sea.

    4 - Night Bahamas - Port Canaveral Round-Trip

    Ship: Disney Dream - New!

    From Only $560!

    6 - Night Western Caribbean - Galveston Round-Trip

    Ship: Disney Magic

    From Only $810!

    7 - Night Alaska - Vancouver Round-Trip

    Ship: Disney Wonder

    From Only $999!

    7 - Night Eastern Caribbean - Port Canaveral Round-Trip

    Ship: Disney Fantasy - New!

    From Only $980!

    Norwegian Cruise Line

    Featured Family-Friendly Cruise Line

    Norwegian Cruise Line offers what you want and what your kids want - good times for all ages, at all times. Hurry, and discover the ultimate family vacation, and do the things you want, when you want. That's the freedom and flexibility you have with Freestyle Cruising on Norwegian Cruise Line. Unpack once and visit multiple, exotic destinations with ease.

    7 - Night Bahamas - New York Round-Trip

    Ship: Norwegian Gem - Great Ship for Families!

    From Only $529!

    7 - Night Alaska - Seattle Round-Trip

    Norwegian Jewel - Great Ship for Families!

    From Only $449!

    7 - Night Eastern Caribbean - Miami Round-Trip

    Ship: Norwegian Getaway

    From Only $799!

    Royal Caribbean

    Featured Family-Friendly Cruise Line

    Royal Caribbean International wants to take you on an adventure the whole family will enjoy. Set sail on one of the most innovative ships on the high seas and enjoy fine dining, spacious accommodations, Broadway-style entertainment, Adventure Ocean youth program and the all-new DreamWorks Experience.

    7 - Night Eastern Caribbean - Ft. Lauderdale Round-Trip

    Ship: Oasis of the Seas - New!

    From Only $749!

    7 - Night Eastern Caribbean - Port Canaveral Round-Trip

    Ship: Freedom of the Seas

    From Only $619!

    7 - Night Eastern Caribbean - Ft. Lauderdale Round-Trip

    Ship: Allure of the Seas - New!

    From Only $789!

    Carnival Cruise Lines

    Featured Family-Friendly Cruise Line

    Carnival Cruise Lines have your whole family totally covered. Their ships are fun packed with tons of activities for adults, and great activities for the kids, and everything in between. Carnival family cruises are made easy and the most hassle-free way to visit a bunch of amazing destinations.

    6 - Night Western Caribbean - Miami Round-Trip

    Ship: Carnival Breeze - New!

       From Only $389!

    7 - Night Bahamas - Galveston Round-Trip

    Ship: Carnival Magic - New!

    From Only $449!

    7 - Night Eastern Caribbean - Port Canaveral Round-Trip

    Ship: Carnival Dream

    From Only $379!

    Terms and Conditions

    Prices listed are current as of April 5, 2013. All attempts have been made to reflect available pricing, and we apologize in advance for any disappointment if the rate is no longer available. Please keep in mind that rates and availability fluctuate often for last-minute sailings and may not be available for desired dates of travel. We strongly suggest booking your desired sailings as early as possible to avoid any disappointment.

    Prices listed are per person, cruise-only, and are based on double occupancy. Government fees and taxes are additional for all guests.
    Prices are not guaranteed until the deposit or full payment has been made on your booking and you have received a cruise line confirmation number. Additional restrictions by cruise line may apply.

    Cruise lines require that guests under the age of 21 years must stay in the same stateroom and be accompanied by a parent, relative, or guardian 25 years or older. Some cruise lines age restrictions may vary.
    Passengers are responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documents including visas or other kinds of documentation required if international travel is involved.


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