When you think of Australia, a lot of things come to mind: the exotic wildlife, the rugged landscape, the accent! But what about gorgeous, artistically crafted cuisine? As a native Aussie and also a passionate foodie, Erin Bender of the travel blog Explore With Erin is here to show you why the prettiest foods are best found down under!

Melbourne has long been a foodie hotspot within Australia, but now it’s making Instagram headlines with its insanely beautiful food. During the past few months, I’ve been making my way through some of the prettiest food you are likely to find. Here are 10 Melbourne restaurants you are going to want to visit not only to eat …  but also to capture that coveted picture that will have all your friends drooling.

Looking for a snack

Acai Brothers specialize in acai bowls, smoothies, juices and raw treats. As Australia’s fastest growing superfood bar, Acai Brothers not only serves healthy food but great tasting food.

This is where I had my first acai bowl. It looks like ice cream, tastes like frozen yogurt and is the perfect healthy summer snack. Basically, it’s a thick smoothie served with your choice of toppings, like coconut, oatmeal, fruit, or chocolate. It’s made with acai berries, which are, as you guessed it – a superfood.

There’s always time for pancakes

Babble Café and Bar is tucked off the main street in an old house. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, making Sunday brunch the perfect time to sit back and enjoy this spectacular plate of pancakes.

Because sometimes coffee needs color

Café Lafayette makes a stunning French Toast, but what you really want to come here for is a Rainbow Latte. If you are a coffee lover, then why not add some color to it?

When you’re feeling naughty and nice

District North has an undeniable reputation when it comes to their exceptional donut shakes, my favorite being the Nutella Malteser one. But if you’re not there for sugar, don’t despair. Add the Nourish Bowl as a must eat in Melbourne. Not only is it full of color and pretty as a picture, it packs a real punch on the taste buds.

Quite possibly the prettiest dishes ever

The Glass Den may well be the prettiest food you will ever eat. And they don’t sacrifice on taste. This apple fritter was mouth-watering and while I don’t eat trout, I may well have changed my mind after seeing this dish.

Because one Glass Den is never enough

The Butler’s Den is the sister store of The Glass Den above and serves all its food with the same amount of love. Each choice on the menu is beautiful, but it’s hard to go past waffles when they come out looking like a picture perfect painting.

Somebody order a hot chocolate

Hash Speciality Coffee & Roaster is the one place you will run to when hot chocolate is on your brain. Because who doesn’t love a thick melted chocolate poured through a fluffy cloud of cotton candy?

There’s a surprise in this one

Long Story Short Café not only serves pretty food, they’re also creative geniuses. This photo will not do the food justice. Because hiding in this giant pink cloud of cotton candy was a breakfast burger. A syrup is poured over the cotton candy causing it to melt and crackle revealing a sweet brioche bun overloaded with fruit.

How can you resist a milkshake like this?

Sugar Buns Bakery Café is your one stop shop for pastries, cakes, and the world’s craziest milk shakes. In fact, they are often referred to as Melbourne’s most loved Mega shakes. We tried three different sizes – the Mega, Midi and Baby. Believe me, unless you’re expecting a meal, the Baby is plenty!

Ice cream for breakfast? Yes, please

White Mojo Speciality Coffee & Roaster is the place to go when you’re craving ice cream for breakfast. And by that I mean, of course, an ice cream cone served on top of your waffles. Looking for something more savory? Try this gorgeous looking ink brioche breakfast burger with chili scrambled eggs.

Are you tempted? I’m sure we will be sharing a meal in Melbourne, Australia real soon, only if you can possibly bear the thought of eating something so pretty. See you there!

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