Food travel has become an increasingly popular penchant when choosing one’s travel destination. So we’ve partnered with travel expert Erin Bender of Explore With Erin to reveal seven delicious delicacies across the world.

I’ve travelled across more than 70 countries and still my favorite part about discovering a new destination is the food. It gives you so much insight into a culture and can make you feel like you belong with one simple bite.

So within that experience here are some of my favourite dishes across our beautiful planet. It is certainly not an exhaustive list and it’s an easy list that I can replicate again and again.

Sip on a Freakshake in Australia

Freakshakes were birthed in Australia as a product of social media. With crowds now photographing food before they eat it, this trend became the Instagram phenomenon that is now popping up all over the world.

Ultimately a freakshake is a milkshake with an abundance of toppings, which can feature delicious desserts like cakes, cream and chocolate to the downright crazy chicken and waffles.

Foods around the world: Australia

Freak shake. Credit: @ExploreWithErin

There’s No Food Like Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

Chicago’s iconic deep-dish pizza is a must try. It’s quite similar to a pie or quiche with a savoury crust that is almost crumbly and then filled with a thick layer of melted cheese, basil and smothered on top with tomato slices and rich tomato sauce.

Foods Around The World - Chicago

Deep dish pizza. Credit: @ExploreWithErin

The Only Place to Get Tacos Is Mexico

If you haven’t had tacos in Mexico yet, what are you waiting for? You can find them for as little as 75 cents in tourist locations and less outside those areas. The tortillas are usually always handmade and fillings range from chicken, pork, fish or beef. The results are generally always amazing.

Foods around the world: Mexico

Crunchy tacos. Credit: @ExploreWithErin

Eat Fish & Chips in London

There are plenty amazing foods in London, but not much hits the spot like a fish and chips from the pub. Or better yet, head to Poppies, which is known to be one of the top 100 places to eat in London. The fish is caught fresh daily by 3rd generation local fisherman and prepared by hand in-store. Make sure you get your side of mushy peas too, so you can still eat your greens.

Foods around the world: London

Fish & Chips. Credit: @ExploreWithErin

Strudel or Schnitzel in Austria

I couldn’t decide between the two, so you’ll just have to have your mains and dessert while visiting Austria.

The Wiener Schnitzel is the national dish of Austria. It is a thin breaded and deep fried slice of meat. Originally made from veal you will most likely find pork alternatives more common.

Follow your tasty schnitzel with a yummy strudel. Strudel became popular in Vienna in the 18th century. It consists of layered butter pastry with a sweet filling, the most famous being stewed apple, known as Apfelstrudel.

Foods around the world: Austria

Schnitzel. Credit: Kirsten Maxwell

Nothing Beats a Gyro in Greece

There are so many different names for this, but in Greece, a Gyro is when the meat is roasted vertically turning on the spit. Slices of it are then placed in a pita with typical accessories – sauce (tzatziki), tomatoes, onions, lettuce and often french fries/chips. So incredibly delicious and this food is one of Greece’s cheap eats. Sometimes a souvlaki can be served in a similar style to a gyro, but don’t get the two confused because souvlaki means skewer. So the meat is generally cubed and cooked on a stick, instead of shaved like the gyro.

Foods Around the world: Greece

Souvlaki, not a gyro. Credit: Travel Yourself

Take a Dip of Hummus in Israel

A Middle Eastern dip made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. The best way is to dig in with a fresh piece of pita bread. Alternatively, stuff it in the pita with a choice of other fillings. Try the hummus topped with roasted pine nuts, it is my favorite!

Foods around the world - Israel

Delicious, creamy hummus. Credit: Travel Yourself

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