A true paradise for foodies, hipsters, and lovers of nature. Take a walk on the weird side in the City of Roses.

Stunning sights await those who venture even just a half-hour from the city. Craft beer and wine complement top-notch farm-to-table dining alongside abundant street food. Professional sports and fine arts rub shoulders with indie music and dive bars. No matter what time it is, it's almost certainly happy hour somewhere in Portland.

So, you're wondering what to do in Portland? The short answer is eat. Locally sourced ingredients are hard to avoid, as are lines at popular brunch spots. For a unique and authentic experience, visit a food truck pod. Portland is known for its 600+ food trucks, and it's hard to miss the congregations of them—also known as pods—around town. Some even come complete with a beer garden or full-service espresso bar showcasing more delights crafted nearby.

Outdoor splendor awaits in every direction. To the east is the Columbia River Gorge and the magnificent Multnomah Falls. For bonus points, hike up Larch Mountain for views of five peaks on a clear day. Before coming back down to civilization, take a moment to ponder the forces that carved the riverbed and raised the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

For a different kind of day trip, hop on board a wine tour in the nearby Willamette Valley to taste Portland's wine country first-hand. Your journey could include outdoor sightseeing, bicycling, or even a hot air balloon ride, as the perfect pairing for an afternoon of tasting. Back in town, head to the stunning Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall to see the symphony or a rock show. For less formal things to do in Portland, dance halls and clubs abound. Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Portland

What makes Portland unique?

There are many unique things about Portland. Its location on the Columbia River Gorge, the unique topography of which provides half the nation's hydroelectric power, makes it an incredibly green city. Over 600 food trucks and thousands of farm-to-table restaurants create a one-of-a-kind foody-haven. The city also boasts one of the nation's largest urban forests, the smallest park in the world, and being the inspiration for the quirky show Portlandia.

How did Portland get its name?

Discovered by Louis and Clark, Portland was named by its founding fathers, Asa Lovejoy and Francis Pettigrove. Lovejoy was originally from Portland, Maine and Pettigrove hailed from Boston. Each wanted to name their settlement after their home towns, so they flipped a coin. Asa Lovejoy is one lucky man.

Why is Portland called Rip City?

Portland gained this nickname during an NBA game starring the local Trail Blazers against the LA Lakers. After a long-distance shot by Portland's Jim Barret, play-by-play announcer Bill Schonely shouted the name out, and it stuck.