Picture New York in your mind. What do you think of? If you’re like most people, it’ll be this part of town that fills your imagination.

Right in the beating heart of all of New York City’s hustle and bustle is Midtown. It’s here that dazzling lights twinkle throughout the night, tourists flock to the streets in droves, and some of America’s most notable skyscrapers pierce the sky. Step foot into Midtown and you’ve stepped foot into one of the most vibrant entertainment and cultural districts America has to offer.

An important thing to remember about Midtown is this: things happen here. Constantly. When they say New York City never sleeps, they’re mostly talking about Midtown. Stand in Times Square for just five minutes to see what we mean. Iconic yellow taxis weave through the traffic and street performers in elaborate costumes entertain the crowds.

A self-guided tour is the way to see this area at your own pace. Stroll past the signs for hit Broadway musicals or take a selfie outside of Radio City Music Hall. Step inside the world’s largest Macy’s, sponsor of the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. When you need a breather, pick out a spot in the New York Public Library for some people-watching.

Ready for a culinary crossroads like you’ve never seen before? Midtown’s restaurant scene is on fire (not literally, that would be inconvenient). If you need some pre-theater grub, snag yourself a seat at one of the eateries on Restaurant Row. When the show’s over, make your next stop one of the trendy bars in the Hell’s Kitchen area or try some authentic Korean food on Korea Way.

But it’s not all fun and revelry in Midtown. The neighborhood is also New York’s business center, home to most of the city’s skyscrapers and a host of company headquarters. And unlike the iconic Naked Cowboy in Times Square, the men and women who work in Midtown (thankfully) wear a lot more than their birthday suits.

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