The greenest island, the one with many white-sand beaches, and the birthplace of the sugar cane industry. The Garden Island dances to the beat of its own Hawaiian drum.

Kauai is the lesser traveled, and certainly less developed sibling of the Hawaiian Islands. Name it your favorite in the chain, and you’ll strike up fast friendships with like-minded people around the world. Can you find umbrella-sprinkled beaches, where resort staff cater to your every whim? Of course. But you’ll find timeshare condo owners and bed-and-breakfasters, too.

Go ahead and indulge. Dig your toes in the sand, order a fruity cocktail, and be pampered with a beach-front massage. Then make time for Kauai points of interest. Kauai was the last island to join the Hawaiian empire, staving off brute-force attempts at conquest and submitting to Kamehameha’s rule, only after diplomacy and an arranged marriage were employed. That means things happen a little differently here.

The word “city” is too robust to describe the quiet villages that hug the coastline. And the center of the island? Hardly a road penetrates its lush, mountainous interior. But just because life here is lived on the beach, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of things to do in Kauai in between. Revel in the rainforest at Huleia National Wildlife Refuge and snap photos of rare and beautiful birds. Discover hidden waterfalls and pools in the island’s interior, and explore Waimea Canyon, dubbed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific for its impressive size. Return to the coast and visit Kilauea Lighthouse, originally built to guide sugar-laden ships safely around Kilauea Point.

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