Smith's Tropical Paradise

Embark on a journey down the river to this traditional family luau with feasts, music and shows in a tropical environment.

The Smith Family Garden Luau is a private botanical garden and park with traditional Hawaiian ceremonies and feasts. Learn about the local Kauai culture through music, food and dance in this ideal spot for cultural appreciation. Join in the drum dances and watch spectacular fire knife feats during your fun day out here.

Arrive at the luau on the banks of the Wailua River, a spot once reserved for island royalty. Take a narrated tram tour to learn about the traditions and history of the Hawaiian people. Embark on a quiet stroll through the 30-acre (12-hectare) grounds to encounter the tropical vegetation. The Fern Grotto has a short nature trail through rainforest and features upside-down ferns growing on the cave’s ceiling.

Meet some of the Smith family members and chat about cooking techniques. They will tell you about the traditional cooking method of kalua, involving a pig wrapped in leaves and slow roasted in an underground oven. Watch the sun set over the exotic scenery and try beer, wine and the rum-based mai tai cocktail. Listen to the traditional songs performed by the Smith family.

Among the highlights of the evening is the luau feast, where you can choose from pork, chicken, beef and other options. Enjoy the sumptuous desserts as rhythmic music plays on. The night ends with a lively show in the open-air Pele Amphitheater, which is lit by torches. Learn from the performance about the traditions of Hawaii and several indigenous cultures.

Tickets for the luau include discounts for kids and toddlers. The luau starts in the late afternoon and continues into the evening. Choose between a “show-only” ticket or admission to the entire experience.

The Smith Family Garden Luau is on the southern bank of the Wailua River on the eastern flank of Kauai. Allow time to explore nearby attractions, such as the Lydgate State Park, the Poliahu Park and the Kalepa Mountain Forest Reserve.