McBryde Garden

Wander through the many palm plantings and flowers among the largest off-site collection of native Hawaiian flora in the world.

The McBryde Garden is a picturesque complex with diverse terrain and varied tropical plants. Lying on the banks of the Lāwa’i Stream, its undulating grounds feature dense forests and a variety of gardens, each with its own theme. In this informative and scenic park, learn about the range of flora native to the island and the plants brought to the island by Polynesian settlers.

Arrive at the South Shore Visitors Center and take a shuttle bus to the garden. Enjoy a self-guided tour of the 50-acre (20-hectare) grounds for additional historical and scientific context. The park contains many different types of spices, from allspice to vanilla. Capture photos of the various plants and trees that make up this natural wonderland. The collection includes many heliconias, orchids and flowering trees.

Follow the Biodiversity Trail, which sheds light on 450 million years of plant evolution. Explore the Canoe Garden to see the plants imported by settlers from around Polynesia. It should take about 2 hours to get around the park. Appreciate the serenity in these tranquil and scenic grounds and stop for a picnic.

The site is one of five gardens that are part of the non-profit National Tropical Botanical Garden. Note that Queen Emma of Hawaii lived at the top of this valley for a short period in the 1800s. The land was later purchased by the McBryde family to set up a sugar plantation.

There is a fee to enter the garden, with discounts for kids. Toddlers and babies are admitted for free. Shuttle buses leave from the South Shore Visitors Center hourly from morning until afternoon every day.

The McBryde Garden overlooks Lāwa’i Bay in the central southern part of Kauai. Drive north from Allerton Garden for about 10 minutes to get here. Visit nearby attractions, such as the Spouting Horn, the Kukuiula Golf Course and Kolopa.