Wailua Falls

Admire the tropical scenery engulfing this double waterfall that flows into a large basin surrounded by mossy cliffs and forests.

Wailua Falls is a charming double waterfall that runs over a green cliff in a secluded area. The cascade, which can be seen from the highway, drops down a height of 173 feet (53 meters) and splits into two separate chutes. Snap photos of the spectacular falls, as it flows past the forested cliffs.

Visit on a sunny morning for an opportunity to see a rainbow in the spray of the waterfalls. Follow a path to the bottom of the falls, taking care not to slip on the muddy surface. The falls are spectacular with a scenic backdrop of green cliffs and forests.

Swim in the pool at the base of the falls to cool down on a hot day. Stay clear of the swift currents close to the cascades. Later in the day, crowds begin to gather around the waterfalls.

Hiking boots are not necessary for viewing these waterfalls, as they can be accessed easily from the roadside. Wander through the trails in the forest to appreciate the range of tropical plants. Spot wild pigs around the parking lot area. Visit the nearby Opaekaa Falls just off the highway.

The scenic waterfalls have been used in television sets, such as the series Fantasy Island. It is said that Hawaiian men once jumped from the summit of the falls as a testament to their virility. Today, jumping is certainly not recommended as it is also illegal.

Wailua Falls is in its namesake park in the eastern part of Kauai. Find it just north of Lihue at the southern end of the Wailua River. Visit the landmarks of the area, such as Kalepa Mountain Forest Reserve, Wailua Municipal Golf Course and Lydgate State Park. Leave your car in the parking lot near the highway, from which the waterfalls’ trails commence.