The trusted online travel agency invites families to reconnect with their heritage through eight bookable experiences highlighting food, art and culture

DALLAS, Texas (Sept. 15, 2021) – To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Travelocity® is launching eight easy-to-book experiences expertly curated to help families explore and share their Latino heritage. From Sept. 15 through Oct. 15, families can visit to book trips that highlight rich Latino culture through food, landmarks and events in select cities in the United States and abroad.

In a recent survey1, Travelocity found that 90% of Latino parents believe it is important to pass on their culture to their children, and half (49%) said that they teach future generations about their heritage through cultural trips, in addition to speaking their native tongue at home or passing down family recipes. Whether they’re searching for the best ropa vieja to share in Miami or learning about history at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, Travelocity has the tools families need to confidently find and book the right trip all year long. For Hispanic Heritage Month, Travelocity curated eight trips focused on exploring some of the largest hubs for Latino culture in the United States, such as Los Angeles, New York City, Houston, Chicago and Miami, along with destinations abroad like Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. 

“Through our conversations with our U.S. Latino customers, we knew that connecting to one’s culture is immensely important for these parents, and travel is a major way of achieving that with family. In fact, over 80% of Latino parents have already brought their children on culture-focused travels,” said Jorge Avalos, senior brand manager at Travelocity. “Latino parents are seeking ways to share family stories, traditions, language and more with their children, and we are honored to help cultivate rich experiences that may then be passed down to future generations.”

The brand enlisted several Latino parents to share their approach to fostering heritage with their children through local cuisine, attractions, sights and more in some of the highlighted destinations. 

For more tips and inspiration on how to explore Latino culture in the U.S. and abroad from Travelocity’s Latino experts, visit the Travelocity website here to learn more in English and here for Spanish. Download the Travelocity app and sign up for the newsletter to get exclusive deals and expert tips on how, when and where to book your next trip.

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1 in partnership with OnePoll. Surveyed 1,000 respondents from Aug. 27 to Sept. 1, 2021. The survey was conducted online using panel members who are credited to participate in surveys. Focused on U.S. Hispanic parents aged 18–64 who have children under 18 living at home, using screening questions and profile data to ensure the correct demographic was achieved.