DALLAS (May 9, 2017) – In recent years, as once exotic travel trends such as eco-tourism and adventure travel have become commonplace, vacations are increasingly about unique and intense activities rather than relaxation. But with a recent Travelocity® poll of more than 1,500 Americans revealing that current events have nearly half (48%) of Americans feeling more stressed than they did one year ago and of those, 40% saying that they are “much more stressed”, it may signal a shift to once again using summer vacation to unwind and de-stress.

To find the best vacation ideas for people needing to take a break this summer, Travelocity enlisted the expertise of its Gnational Gnomad travel community to get professional insights into the best ways to kick back and relax. Travelocity polled this group of 14 experienced travelers to get their recommendations for a restful and refreshing getaway.

Unsurprisingly, the number one recommendation was to disconnect by taking in an indulgent spa treatment. According to Gnational Gnomad Ava Roxanne Stritt, aka Spa Travel Gal, “There is nothing like luxuriating at a spa to truly recharge. And best of all, a great spa treatment can be part of an adventure across the globe, or the highlight of a staycation across town. Either way, pampering yourself at a spa is a perfect way to escape the stress of everyday life.”

While some of Ava’s favorite places to find relaxation are Jupiter Beach, Florida, Vancouver and Los Angeles, she also says that people can also find an escape even closer to home.

Following spas, taking time to explore local sights was the second-most mentioned relaxing activity. Kirstin Maxwell, founder and editor of kidsareatrip.com makes it a point to learn about the destinations that she visits with her family in her travels. “For too many people, sightseeing becomes a race to check places off of a list. But turning a vacation into a race to see everything on a predefined list prevents people from really unwinding. Sightseeing should be about experiencing the people and culture of a new place, not just a mad dash to take selfies at the most popular landmarks.”

Some destinations that Kirstin has found to be most amenable to leisurely exploring include New Orleans, Chicago and Lisbon.

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