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These influential bloggers are among the most well travelled people we know — other than the Roaming Gnome himself, of course! Get to know them below, then follow their stories on our Inspire blog to gain insight for your next adventure.

Meet Our Gnational Gnomads!

Ava Roxanne Stritt is the author of the blog Spa Travel Gal, a freelance travel writer for multiple print and online publications, a travel editor and a huge luxury spa lover! She has been called the most influential person in the world for spa travel and also a top authority on luxury travel. Her fans say she is responsible for turning the Spa Day into a Wellness Adventure! Spa Travel Gal Ava believes that Spa, Travel and Skincare Experiences are not a Luxury, but Essential to a Healthy Body and Mind!
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Eric Stoen is a writer and photographer specializing in family travel, based in California. His goal is to encourage everyone to take their kids to unique destinations, providing first-hand information through to make it easier to plan those trips. He’s traveled with his three kids to 45 countries on 7 continents, with destinations including Antarctica, Kenya, Palawan, Easter Island and much of Europe. Every year each of his kids gets to choose any destination in the world (literally) for a one-on-one trip. In 2012 he won Conde Nast Traveler’s Photo of the Year award, and in 2017 Forbes named him the World’s #4 Travel Influencer.
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Erin Holmes is an experienced travel blogger who explored the world for the last five years non-stop with her two kids. But what happens when you stop nomadic travel? How does an abnormal family fit into a normal world? Erin shares her travel stories, drooling food pictures and lifestyle tips on her blog, Explore With Erin. Her passion and expertise in social media, coupled with her love of blogging has rocketed her into the spotlight with features on primetime TV, national newspapers and more. She won the BlogHer award in 2015 and 2016, wrote about family travel for Lonely Planet and is a Travelocity devotee!
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Joe Miragliotta, known as Joe’s Daily online, is a men’s lifestyle and travel writer based in Los Angeles. His love for content creation sparked the creation of, a blog that covers the latest news in technology, style, gear, travel, food, and more. When he’s not writing his latest story, you can find him OVERsharing his life experiences on social media: @JoesDaily.
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Pattie Cordova is a Latina mother of two kid bloggers, wife to her business partner, and daughter of immigrant factory workers. She owns – an award-winning site that covers family travel, parenting, food, beauty, and home life. Pattie has been seen on TV screens across the U.S. in a Disney Channel feature and most recently, along with her family on an “8 Tips for the Perfect Beach Day” video for Visit California. In 2015, Pattie spoke at the inaugural #WeAllGrow Summit on video best practices and took home the TECLA Award at Hispanicize for Best Latino Parenting Blogger category.
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Sher Jordan is a New York City based photographer with a thirst for travel and a perpetually overflowing suitcase. An avid trip planner, she originally founded her travel and fashion blog Sher She Goes, to satisfy friends and family seeking itinerary advice. In 2016, she was selected by Skyscanner as an Elite Top 50 travel blogger. Follow along at for adventures in the Big Apple….and around the world!
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Meagan Wristen, based in Portland, Oregon, is a freelance travel writer, blogger, and social media influencer who specializes in family and military travel. She is the creator of Mommy Travels, a family travel and lifestyle website where she chronicles the adventures of her and her three kids. Meagan’s work has been published in USA Today,, Travelocity,, MiniTime, and more.
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Mike Shubic is an award-winning travel writer and seasoned road trip travel video blogger. He takes his readers on a first-hand journey with him as he travels the world one road trip at a time. Mike has been publishing for nearly seven years and has worked with the Travel Channel, USA Today, Yahoo Travel and TripFilms to name a few. Mike also has his own ROKU channel and later this year his content will appear on DirecTV as they roll out a new streaming technology. The road is his page. The experiences are the ink. Next chapter begins in 300 miles, so stay tuned.
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Dr. Cacinda Maloney is a travel writer, blogger, photographer, and social media influencer who created PointsandTravel about soft adventures, culture, foods, and smart luxury travel. She has been published on MSN Travel, Yahoo Travel, Huffington Post, iExplore, FlipBoard Magazine, Travelocity, TripAdvisor, and Italy Magazine. Dr. Cacinda has traveled every six weeks of her life for over 20 years and has worked with a multitude of destination management companies, as well as, over 30+ tourism boards worldwide. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Kirsten Maxwell is a freelance travel writer, photographer, and social media influencer based in Chicago. She is the owner of Kids Are A Trip, a travel website inspiring families to explore the world with their children. A bilingual teacher of Puerto Rican descent, she truly believes travel is an education and feels fortunate she can teach her three boys about different cultures as the family has traveled to 25 countries and counting. After traveling as a family for 15 years, she has learned to find those off-the-beaten path experiences while still finding time to explore the popular attractions. Her work has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Bravo TV, TravelingMom and various national publications.
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Jeremy Scott Foster is a travel photographer, blogger, and professional adventurer. He has been traveling the world for 8 years, asking the hard questions, and learning about both the world and himself in the process. His adventure travel blog, travelFREAK, has taken him to 35+ countries on six continents—he’s hiked glaciers in New Zealand, partied until sunrise on the beaches of Montenegro, taught English in China, conquered the highest bungee jump in the world, traversed Europe by train, and climbed inside the great Pyramids of Giza.
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Kelly Stilwell is a Florida based writer and social media influencer specializing in culinary travel. She created Food, Fun & Faraway Places to share her stories with others who love travel and food. Eating her way through a destination is Kelly’s favorite way to explore. Whether she is on her own or with family in tow, Kelly believes the way to truly experience a destination is to learn where the locals hang out and experience the unique history, culture,  and flavors that make each destination special. Whether in East Asia or Disney World, Kelly has a passion for finding and sharing with her fans what otherwise might be missed.
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