With the rise of Instagram-worthy food, nothing has quite made headlines like the epic madness of milkshake overload. Foodie and travel expert, Erin Bender of Explore With Erin is on the ground where Freakshakes were birthed to introduce us to this sinful drink.

I love taking photos of food. Nourish bowls and health food are all the rage for foodies like me, but there’s one thing I just can’t stop taking photos of … Freakshakes. And that’s the point. That’s why they were created, right here in Australia.

But it’s not just Australia you can find them in anymore. They have spread to the UK and have multiplied in places across the US.

What is a Freakshake?

For the uninitiated, a Freakshake is no ordinary milkshake. The milkshake forms a base, but then it is topped with every imaginable topping you could desire. Cake, candy, Nutella, donuts, waffles, even chicken. Freakshakes are not a drink, they are a meal.

Most Freakshakes follow a fairly similar formula. They are usually presented in a hip mason jar filled with a milkshake and then piled high with as many goodies as possible to make it unique, impressive and … Instagramammable. Why? Because it’s rare to find a person drinking a Freakshake without photographing it. And that’s the influence of social media.

What do you do with a Freakshake?

Photograph it. If you drink a Freakshake without Instagramming it, did it actually ever exist?

Eat it. Be prepared to share most Freakshakes, as they frequently top some 1,500 calories and are very sweet. Recently, Australian restaurants have started offering Baby Freakshakes, which are still photograph worthy, but require much less time at the gym.

Cherish it. Take your time with a Freakshake. It’s a monstrous and memorable experience.

Where can you find Freakshakes?


Well obviously since the Freakshake was birthed in Australia, the best ones are located Down Under. Five of my favorite places in Melbourne are:

Sugar Buns – Where you can get Baby, Medium, and Mega. The Candyland seems to be the winner out of the three we tried.

Ten Ate One – If you’ve never had a Wagon Wheel, then come here. Large mason jars overflowing with sugary goodness.

Johnny Pump – Complete with a syringe full of Nutella, just in case there wasn’t enough already.

Naughty Boy – My son could not believe his eyes when this monster showed up. What you can’t see is the hiding Kinder Surprise – yum!

District North – When a donut sits on top of a milkshake, there is nothing that could stop me from devouring that.

New Zealand

Across the bay in New Zealand, the expert dessert traveler The Sweet Wanderlust found the perfect spot in Auckland, New Zealand. Head straight to her Instagram for more than a fair share of Freakshakes across the globe.

Cereal Killa Cafe – I thought Freakshakes were the stuff of fairytale fantasies and Pinterest dreams, but Cereal Killa brought these fanciful treats to life. The Mint Choc Freakshake I ordered comes with pieces of Cadbury Mint Oreo chocolate inside and a rock candy stick inside the straw. It’s topped with green cotton candy, which looks a little like the stuff inside a vacuum cleaner. I’ve never tasted vacuum cleaner fuzz, but I imagine Cereal Killa’s version is much tastier.

United States

But if Australia and New Zealand are too far for you right now, never fear. Freakshakes have made such an impact, they crossed the oceans to take over the UK and yes, you can now find them in several places in the US.

Chocolate Emporium – Recently on a visit to the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen at Universal Studios, we found a very creamy and dreamy Key Lime Pie Freakshake. Go Universal!

While fellow Gnomad Mommy Travels found hers in New York City.

Black Tap NYC – Black Tap NYC has been all over the news. For a while, it was impossible to get in, but they’ve opened more locations. The kids and I walked in and were seated right away. Their shakes totally lived up to the hype!

Buns Bar – A lesser known spot, but their shakes are even more over the top than Black Tap. These shakes are so big you will want to skip dinner and just have a shake. Or split them between two or three people.

I am always on the hunt for another Freakshake. Have you jumped on board the Freakshake train? Leave us a comment on where you found your decadent and delightful Freakshake.

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