For all of you thrill-seekers out there, scope out the many ways to take to the water, land or sky for your next adventure!

6 Great Vacations for the Outdoor Enthusiast

While most of us can confidently say that we enjoy the great outdoors, it’s a very specific person that can call themselves an actual “enthusiast”. Essentially anything that the average individual enjoys doing outside requires a certain kind of intensification to truly be able to scratch their itch—especially when it comes to vacations.

Best Places to Travel in 2018

Where to go in 2018? If you love traveling the world as much as we do, you're probably torn between roaming it in search of destinations less traveled, as well as returning to perennial favorites over and over again. To help narrow down your essential 2018 vacation...

QUIZ: What’s Your Winter Getaway?

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas, or are you pining for a sunny season’s greetings? Take our holiday quiz and find out what winter getaway you’re destined for! RELATED: 7 Warm Winter Getaways to Escape the Cold...

Travelocity Contest: Will You Be My Gnomie?

Paris, Dubai, Argentina, Rome. You name the destination, and I’ll likely have a story (or five!) to share from my travels there. Wandering the world has led me to some phenomenal experiences, but only one thing could make the trip even better. What is it, you ask?...

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