Fairy tales are what dreams are made of. These hotels offer a glimpse into what our cherished storybook characters’ lives might be like if they stepped off the pages of a book, right into real life. From the elegant whimsy of Cinderella to the magical realm of Harry Potter, these hotels allow guests to walk in the shoes of the leading character from their favorite bedtime stories.

Photo courtesy of Georgian House

Harry Potter: Wizard Chambers at Georgian House Hotel, London

With medieval design and decor, the Wizard Chambers at the Georgian House Hotel in London will make Harry Potter fans feel like mere muggles spending the night at Hogwarts Castle. Candlelit hallways, velvet curtains and cauldrons evoke a mystical presence in this 19th-century hotel. You might want to pack your wand.

Photo courtesy of Disneyland Hotel

Cinderella: Fairytale Suite at the Disneyland Hotel, California

Sleep like a princess in the Fairytale Suite at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California. Draped in soft hues and lush textiles, this suite would make Cinderella smile. The suite features a four-poster bed, marble floors, a bathtub with a dome ceiling and stately columns, and a touch of Disney magic. Keep your eyes peeled for Tinker Bell.

Photo courtesy of Hotel De Glace, Renaud Philippe

Frozen: Hotel De Glace, Quebec

If you’ve ever dreamed of a sleepover with Elsa, the Hotel De Glace is as close as it gets. This 45-room ice hotel in Quebec, Canada is rebuilt every year and even though it’s made of ice, guests stay remarkably toasty. Some rooms even include fireplaces! This is no ordinary igloo. The art and architecture are stunning. Detailed artwork is sketched into the ice walls, beds, furniture and exterior. The hotel includes an ice café, chapel, slide, bar and themed suites such as the ice hockey suite.

Photo courtesy of the Plaza Hotel

Eloise: The Plaza Hotel, New York

Live like the storybook character Eloise at The Plaza Hotel in New York—wear her clothes, play with her toys and read her books in the Eloise suite, which is pink, pink, pink! The suite only sleeps two, but an adjoining “nanny” suite is available. While at the hotel, visit the Eloise store to take home one of her favorite outfits, an Eloise doll, or a book about her adventures at The Plaza Hotel. Visitors can write her a letter, drop it in the mailbox at the shop and receive a reply from Eloise herself! Don’t miss out on the Eloise tea party at the elegant Palm Court.

Photo courtesy of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Little Mermaid: Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Orlando

Book the Little Mermaid room at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort in Orlando, Florida for a glimpse into a mermaid’s life. With shell-shaped headboard and chairs, starfish carpet and bedspread and Ariel’s friends adorning the walls, you’ll be humming “Under the Sea” during your stay.

Photo courtesy of Madonna Inn

Alice in Wonderland: Hearts & Flowers Room at the Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, CA

The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland would feel right at home in the Hearts & Flowers room at Central Coast gem the Madonna Inn. With carpet, chairs and couch drenched in red and “painting the roses red” velvet wallpaper, it is truly fit for the red queen. You’ll lose your head over this love-inspired room.

Photo courtesy of The Library Hotel

Beauty & the Beast: Fairy Tale Room at The Library Hotel, New York

Book lovers, like Belle, will love the Library Hotel in New York City with more than 6,000 books on display. The Fairy Tale Room is filled with classics such as “Grimm’s Fairy Tales,” “Aesop’s Fables” and renditions from “Beauty and the Beast.” The hotel is situated just blocks from the impressive New York Public Library and along the Library Walk with great quotes from literature engraved into plaques embedded into the sidewalk.

Photo courtesy of Mondrian South Beach

Sleeping Beauty: Mondrian South Beach

Sleep like a beautiful princess at the Mondrian South Beach, Florida. With a lace-like floating staircase worthy of royalty, oversized dome chandeliers and chandelier shower heads, a grand ballroom and ornate details. The designer had Sleeping Beauty’s castle in mind when creating this modern take on a classic fairy tale.

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