Looking to maximize your Spring Break? We’ve partnered with Angie Orth from Angie Away for an insider’s look at where to spend your time in the Florida Keys.  

Spring Break is the perfect time to get out of the endless cycle of work and school, escape the grind and head south in search of tropical fun. In the U.S., the obvious choice for the Caribbean life without a passport is to fly or drive to the Florida Keys, where it’s almost always sunny and 75. As a much-loved destination, there are thousands of options for fun activities, so check out my list below for some winning additions to your Spring Break itinerary.

Dinner Cruise with Sunset Watersports 

All-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink has a nice ring to it, right? Now that I officially have your attention, this spacious catamaran sets sail every day and has plenty to keep you occupied. With an air-conditioned main cabin, tropical food buffet, live music AND two full bars, Sunset Watersports knows how to make an evening memorable. This 2-hour excursion is the perfect way to kick off a balmy spring break.


SUP with Lazy Dog

Paddle-boarding has quickly become one of the most popular adventures in the Keys, so why not jump on the bandwagon and take part in one of Lazy Dog’s kayak or paddleboard adventures? You might find balancing a little tricky in the beginning, but once you get your sea legs, you’ll be paddling through the mangroves with ease.

Dolphin Watch & Snorkel Trip with Fury 

For an unforgettable experience with wild dolphins, hop aboard one of Fury’s boats and cruise around Key West. Keep your eyes peeled for the 300 or so residential dolphins that reside in the turquoise waters. Later in the trip, you get to don a mask and fins to snorkel with sponges, coral, lobster and hundreds, if not thousands, of colorful fish.


Sunset in Mallory Square

If you’re looking for the perfect sunset-watching perch, Mallory Square is the ticket. Right on the waterfront of the Gulf of Mexico, this plaza is full of street performers, craftsmen and food carts, and is the unofficial gathering spot for all of Key West. If you’re looking for a laid-back night of people watching, this is the place. And it’s free!


Bike Seven Mile Bridge

The Old Seven Mile Bridge between Marathon and Pigeon Key closed back in 1982 when a new bridge was constructed. Today the old structure is mostly a walking and fishing pier, but you’ll also find cyclists who love to ride all the way to the chain link fence about halfway down. If you’re in the mood for a breezy bike ride along the edge town, bikes are easy to rent and it makes for a fun afternoon spotting ospreys above and sharks, dolphins and other sea creatures below.


Visit the Turtle Hospital

Turtle Hospital is a nonprofit facility that has been rescuing injured turtles since 1986. If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community and also hang out with these adorable little guys, some of whom suffer from “bubble butt” syndrome (no, really, it’s a thing), swing by for a few hours on one of your rest days and see what they’re all about.


The Florida Keys are truly an American treasure, with everything from beachy bars to animal encounters and spectacular sunsets to active pursuits. And the best part? You don’t have to wait for Spring Break to fill your tank (or book a flight) and pop on down. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

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