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As the world reopens, it can be difficult to keep track of where you can go, and where you can’t go. However, one tropical island destination just became ready to receive you and all of your wanderlust, and that’s Fiji! A Pacific archipelago made up of more than 300 islands, Fiji is the stuff of most traveler’s dreams (both Blue Lagoon and Cast Away were filmed here). If you’re itching for sunny skies, cerulean waters, and family activities galore, here are eight reasons to book a Fiji trip right now.

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You’ll have the islands practically to yourself

Due to Covid, the Fijian archipelago has been closed to tourists since March 2020. However, as of December 1, 2021, the islands are officially open to all fully vaccinated tourists, as well as their accompanying kids, regardless of their vaccine status. This means that you could be among the first post-pandemic visitors to travel to Fiji, and be able to experience the islands with fewer crowds. Imagine less people to contend with at your resort’s pools and restaurants, and the key activities your family is most looking forward to, like tours and snorkeling and diving excursions. Take advantage and treat yourself!

The beaches will be pristine

Another upside to Fiji being closed to tourists for more than a year and a half? The nation’s pristine beaches have been untouched by visitors for a long time. Imagine a scenario where your family might just manage to score a bit of spotless real estate on the beach, and maybe even have it to yourself. Of course, remember to keep Fiji beautiful and leave the beaches exactly as you found them!

You can travel with confidence

Even though many of the experiences we enjoyed before the pandemic are returning, Covid is still with us. For the benefit of both its residents as well as guests to the island, Fiji takes safety protocols very seriously. As of mid-November, 90% of adult Fijians were fully vaccinated, and by that measure, the nation has became one of the safer destinations for you and your family. Fiji’s tourism board also introduced a policy called Care Fiji, a set of best practices and standards to which every tour company, business, and airline must adhere to.

The Bula spirit is as vibrant as ever

Families returning from Fiji often comment on how locals treated their kids with incredible warmth and appreciation. This doting nature is all part of Fiji’s famous “Bula” spirit. While bula translates to “hello,” its true meaning extends far beyond a simple greeting. It’s a blessing; it’s a wish for deep happiness, joy, and fulfillment every day of your life. While in Fiji, take some time to learn about the Bula spirit by getting out and exploring some of the more remote corners of the archipelago and digging into authentic Fijian culture. Most hotels can help you arrange a government-approved village visit that might include a traditional kava ceremony, dance performances, and handicraft and food demos. After nearly two years of no visitors, Fijians are more excited than ever to share their Bula spirit with your family.

Fiji won’t break the bank

Fiji’s an island paradise, the stuff dreams are made of—there’s no way you could have an affordable vacation there, right? Wrong. Being a popular tropical island destination, Fiji is certainly full of exclusive resorts and private luxury accommodations. However, Fiji also hosts affordable options for family-friendly hotels and activities that suit a wide variety of travel budgets. And while food and drink can quickly add up on the islands, you could keep your budget in check by booking a room with a kitchenette so you can cook some of your own meals. Another option is to follow the lead of seasoned Fiji visitors, and pack some nonperishable staples, plus the max 4.5 liters of Duty Free wine or beer allowed by customs. In addition to being relatively affordable, Fiji is also very accessible: It’s just a 10-hour flight from most West Coast cities, so you could board a plane at night and wake up in paradise.

Explore soft coral reefs sans the crowds

Whether you’ve skimmed the surface with the help of snorkeling gear or dived deeper thanks to PADI certification, one thing you’ve likely contended with during your tropical travels is hard coral. You know, the stuff that bruises and cuts your feet when you accidentally step on it. Fiji, however, is known as the “soft coral capital” of the diving world, which means it’s full of shrub-like coral that’s soft and bendable. Also, it happens to be extraordinarily beautiful to look at, which means all those colorful fish won’t be the only sea creatures that catch your eye. Head to popular snorkel and dive spots like Rainbow Reef and Great Astrolabe Reef right now for your chance to get close with soft coral sans the crowds.

Fiji is the perfect post-pandemic bucket list destination

Our months in quarantine have demanded that we reorganize and reprioritize our lives in ways we likely haven’t before. For some, that has meant rekindling the desire and drive to travel as much and as far as possible. In that case, Fiji is a great choice because it’s far enough away to feel almost other-worldly, but easy enough to organize and even combine with other choice destinations. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug lately, a trip to Fiji might be the perfect solution!

You deserve a winter getaway!

Many of us haven’t traveled much in the last two years. Instead, we stayed home, balancing work, and childcare, and other responsibilities. This winter, finally treat yourself to the getaway you deserve. While it’s cold in the northern hemisphere, it’s summer in Fiji, so you can trade in those frigid winds and howling blizzards for the tropical South Pacific where January temperatures average around a perfect 80 degrees. Your whole family will thank you!

All photography courtesy of Tourism Fiji.

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