Winter blues have you dreaming of somewhere a little more like … summer? Good news! We’ve partnered with travel writer and Caribbean expert Angie Orth from Angie Away to learn about St. Lucia, one of the most luxurious and fun islands in the world. 

It’s a rare destination that melds romance and wild adventure so well, but St. Lucia has mixed that combination into the perfect tropical cocktail! Add to that a mix of bubbling volcanic mud, two towering mountains and some of the most unique accommodations you can find in the world, and I think you’ll fall for St. Lucia like I did.

Climbing Gros Piton is a time-honored pastime for many island visitors. It’s not one I personally wanted to try, but my intrepid husband did. And while he vigorously worked his way up the mountain, I got a massage. There’s a little something for everyone on St. Lucia, I’m happy to report.

For a rush of adrenaline, book an experience with Soufrière Hotwire Rides. As you zip around the rainforest, you’ll see Petit Piton, the Caribbean Sea, former plantations and the colorful town of Soufrière from a birds’ eye view. Soufrière actually means “sulfurous air” in French, and as you zip around, you’ll soon know why. Luckily, the warm breeze keeps that volcano scent from lingering!

Roaming Gnome - St. Lucia - Ladera Resort Roaming Gnome - St. Lucia - Ladera Resort

If you want to see Soufrière’s natural wonders in one day, check out the Soufrière Experience tour. You get to visit the botanical garden, with hundreds of tropical plant species; take a dip in freezing Diamond Falls and enjoy the mineral baths near Torille Waterfall. The best part was getting covered in stinky, sulfurous mud from the volcano — the only volcano in the world you can drive right into. It’s hot and steamy and bubbly, but the caldera exploded many thousands of years ago. While the island is still geothermal, it’s not in any danger of erupting!

When you’re visiting a Caribbean island, you absolutely have to spend some time in the water. St. Lucia’s underwater world is colorful and filled with life, and it’s easy to get to. There are no long boat rides to the best snorkel spots. Many are right off shore! 

Roaming Gnome - St. Lucia - Ladera Resort

So where should you stay on a visit to St. Lucia? There are so many options! I recently visited adults-only Ladera Resort, winner of the Private Luxury Hotel of the Year Award by Luxury Travel Guide and named one of Condé Nast Traveler’s “16 Most Romantic Places to Stay in the World.” In a word, the place is enchanting! Nestled in a rainforest atop a 1,000-ft. tall ridge connecting the Pitons, the picture perfect twin mountains that guard the island, Ladera is the only hotel situated on a UNESCO World Heritage site. How cool is that?

For fans of unique architecture, Ladera has dozens of noteworthy features. Forget everything you thought you knew about about walls and windows! Ladera’s suites purposefully have only three walls. Where the fourth should be, instead you’ll find one of the most spectacular hotel views in all the world. An open-air, panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea. There’s nothing like it!

Roaming Gnome - St. Lucia - Ladera Resort

Terra cotta floors, colorful tiles and hand-carved wood throughout add to the distinctly St. Lucian ambiance. Swings overlooking the bay and the Pitons are the perfect spot to rest and reflect. With a local Piton beer in hand, it’s both jaw-droppingly gorgeous and restorative. Private, in-room plunge pools overlooking the Pitons and butler service mean you could stay in your suite for your whole vacation and have the best time if you wanted to. But, you will want to leave your room, even if just at mealtime. Ladera’s restaurant, Dasheene, is famous for beautiful, delicious dishes that feature local produce and fresh seafood. We ate at Dasheene for almost every meal! 

Learn more about Ladera Resort here.

Whether you’re zipping through the treetops, snorkeling in the clear turquoise water or living in the lap of luxury at Ladera Resort, you can’t go wrong with a trip to St. Lucia. Bon voyage!

Tell us, what would you like to do in Soufrière, St. Lucia? Snorkeling, hiking or would you just stay in your private plunge pool and live off room service?

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