Looking for a last minute Labor Day weekend getaway? We’ve got some suggestions for you! NYC-based travel blogger Sher She Goes shares 5 easy and inexpensive Labor day weekend destinations to consider this September!


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For most people, Labor Day Weekend is nothing more than a relaxing coda to a fun-filled summer. With a (hopefully) thrilling summer freshly inked and back-to-school season in full swing, we treat Labor Day as a long-overdue time to relax and unwind ahead of the late-season grind. And, while there’s nothing wrong with some old-fashioned R&R, it’s hard to ignore that Labor Day Weekend is among the final opportunities to scratch that nagging getaway itch! Keep reading for 5 of our favorite spots that perfectly fit the bill!

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Boston is well-regarded for its historical sights and attractions, but what’s less well-known is just how much Boston’s notable attractions require constantly being outside.

Whether it’s the gorgeous landscapes of Boston Common, the Boston Public Garden or Beacon Hill, much of Boston’s beauty requires nothing more than a simple stroll.

Even the more traditional attractions such as Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, or the always-classic duck boat tours require substantial time outdoors.

As a result, Labor Day Weekend, when the scorching summer heat has given way to a crisp yet comfortable pre-autumn air, is an ideal time to visit the Massachusetts capital.

Boston also has the enviable feature of being quite compact, which means even a quick weekend getaway is worth the trip in a city as small and pedestrian-friendly as Boston!


New York

Take it from a local, Labor Day Weekend is by far among the most underrated times to visit New York City, and it basically comes down to two simple reasons: weather and crowds.

As glorious as summers in the city are for residents, they can be downright dreadful for sightseers. In the scorching New York City heat, where 90 degrees and higher is the norm, forget outdoor-focused activities like The High Line or Central Park, which will instantly render you fatigued and sweaty beyond belief. By Labor Day, however, things have cooled down just enough so that your itinerary can be laden with travel and outdoor attractions without worrying about the heat making you weary.

As a truly rare bonus, the city is remarkably calm during the holiday. For whatever reason, NYC doesn’t attract its normally out-sized tourist influx Labor Day weekend and many locals make a last dash exodus to the Hamptons resulting in an abnormally calm (and comfortable!) Big Apple.


Washington, D.C.

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By definition, the best last-minute Labor Day Weekend getaways have to offer some combination of accessible, digestible and appropriate for the season. Well, it’s safe to say that, on all three counts, our nation’s capital gives a star-studded effort!

Lying along the I-95 corridor and home to two major airports, Washington D.C. is unique in being conveniently accessible by plane, train and automobile alike. And not unlike Boston, its compactness is perfectly suited for last-second getaways that demand short trip lengths and jam-packed itineraries.

Many of the District’s most famous monuments and memorials lie within walking distance from one another and, due to the slightly cooler weather that Labor Day Weekend brings, running around and seeing as much of our country’s history as your legs can bear is not quite the Ironman challenge it would be in the summer!



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Okay, let’s face it, there’s literally no situation where Florida is a bad last minute getaway option, though the summer heat and humidity tend to keep many away.

So not that that’s subsided, it’s worth remembering that Florida Labor Day Weekend getaways represent some of the most accessible and impossible-to-screw-up vacation possibilities. Unless you’re traveling during winter or spring break, when literally everyone is looking for paths to the Sunshine State, there are seemingly always affordable flights to Florida.

Orlando, impossible to separate from its Disney World and Universal Studios theme parks, is always a great option for families (get your tickets here and here, respectively). Elsewhere in the state, Tampa is an affordable Labor Day weekend getaway that tastefully blends shopping, nightlife and culture—particularly in the historically Cuban district of Ybor City.

And last but not least, the Magic City of Miami, complete with its all-hours nightlife, burgeoning restaurant scene and gorgeous beaches, is a permanent top option on any getaway list!



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A less than 4-hour flight from most East Coast hubs, Austin is an off-the-beaten-path candidate for a great Labor Day Weekend getaway.

If you’re lucky enough to have the right combination of means, miles and time, why not head to America’s fastest growing city and see what all the fuss is about?

Austin’s unusual cocktail of Texan heritage and hipster culture is on display around every corner, from the live country music honky-tonks on Sixth Street to the bougie winery that sits across the street from a traditional down-and-dirty BBQ joint.

However, if you look further beneath the surface, you’ll quickly find that Austin’s stunning nature is what truly distinguishes the Texas capital.

Whether it’s zip-lining over shimmering Lake Travis, kayaking on Lady Bird Lake in the shadows of downtown, or witnessing more than a million bats soar over Congress Bridge, there are many Austin activities you will soon realize are simply unattainable anywhere else!

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