Battleship New Jersey

Take an in-depth journey through American naval history on a guided tour of this celebrated battleship, now decommissioned and providing naval history education. 

Battleship New Jersey is a former warship and a naval history museum. Join knowledgeable guides and former sailors to learn about the role of Battleship New Jersey in some of the most significant battles fought by the United States armed forces. Climb down companionway ladders to explore the captain’s quarters, mess halls, sleeping cabins and weapon rooms.

This 887-foot-long (270-meter) ship, also known as Big J, first launched during World War II in 1942, one year after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It was used again in the Korean War, Vietnam War and Gulf War. The ship received 19 awards for its campaign services, which makes it among the nation’s most decorated warships. Decommissioned in 1991, it opened as a museum in 2001.

Step aboard and be transported into the daily activities of admirals, captains, officers and seamen. Listen to personal accounts of life on the ship and in battle. Peek inside the rooms where sailors ate, held social events, planned attacks and slept. Highlights include the communications room, massive gun turrets and navigational bridge.

Get an insight into World War II combat via the 4-D flight simulator. This multimedia exhibit creates the sensation of piloting a Seahawk jet fighter in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

For the complete naval experience, sign up for an overnight encampment. In addition to going on a guided tour, you’ll dine at the ship’s food hall and sleep in the bunkbed of a United States Navy seaman.

The ship museum is moored on the Delaware River at the southern end of Camden Waterfront. It’s accessible via a boardwalk that leads from Wiggins Park & Marina. Use the paid and secure parking available a short walk from the ship. From Philadelphia catch a ferry from Penn’s Landing to Wiggins Park & Marina and then walk a short distance.

Battleship New Jersey is open daily from March to December and on weekends in February. The admission fee varies according to which tour you choose. Visit the ship’s official website for more information.