The scent of kalua pork in the air, canopy zip liners racing through the air, and even a Victorian-era whaling town await intrepid travelers in the Valley Isle.

Boasting two volcanoes, the East and West Maui Volcanoes, Maui looks like two islands crashed together during a tectonic plate shift or a lopsided pair of dividing cells. Both are apt descriptions, given that ancient geological forces gave birth to the islands in a slow progression with occasional, but dramatic eruptions.

Today, these volcanoes are either extinct or dormant, and in the presence of ocean breezes and the buzz of the rainforest, strife is far, far away. The toughest thing you may do all day is figure out what to do in Maui. While the island provides a ponderous number of options, the underlying current here is relaxation. That could mean enjoying a pint of local Lahaina brew after a mouthwatering sunset meal, pausing to enjoy the view after summiting a volcano, or bathing in the sun after a dip in the ocean.

Island time is in full swing here, and all the things to do in Maui run like lackadaisical clockwork. Explore the melting pot village of Haiku, named like the Japanese poem. Drive the breathtaking coast near Hana for 52 miles of beautiful, black-sand beaches. Or stroll down the historical streets of Lahaina, slipping into art galleries and museums like an old sea dog might stop into port.

Maui is home to many strings of attractions including ’Ohe’o Gulch Kipahulu, a series of waterfalls and pools, located between stretches of hiking. Bring your camera to Haleakala National Park and snap some inspirational shots to show your friends back home.

Speaking of home, you can book our Maui vacation packages online, anywhere. Wherever you hang your hat, your very own Hawaiian lei awaits you in Maui.