Kahalu'u Beach Park

Snorkel with tropical fish and swim with sea turtles at this great dive location.

Kahalu’u Beach Park is the most popular destination on the island for snorkelers and divers, and is commonly referred to as “snorkel beach.” During the reign of King Kamehameha it was decided that a sheltered beach was needed for the king and his family. A thick seawall was built protecting the bay that Kahalu’u Beach Park now occupies. The seawall creates a calm and peaceful beach environment for snorkelers, swimmers and families.Arrive at the beach early to ensure you get a parking spot and a patch of sand, as Kahalu’u is extremely popular. As such, the atmosphere is lively and a great place to meet locals and fellow travelers. The beach is well serviced, with food, drinks and equipment rental all available nearby. A shaded pavilion, lifeguards, and public toilets and showers make this an excellent beach for families.Rent a mask and snorkel and venture into the shallow water. Kahalu’u is an excellent place for inexperienced snorkelers as it is easy to enter the water, there are no waves and the underwater views are rewarding.Those with more diving experience should head closer to the seawall. Swim with Hawaiian turtles, or watch them crawl along the sand between sunbathers at one of the most common homes of the animals. Watch as the beautiful raccoon butterfly fish dart in and out of the coral reef below you, or be engulfed by a huge school of tropical fish in one of the best dive sites on the island. Kahalu’u Beach Park is located on Ali’i Drive, approximately 5.5 miles (9 kilometers) from town, and is best reached by car, but parking is limited. There is limited public transportation to the beach; however, taxis will take you there from the town. The beach is open daily and is free of charge.