The day will come when you’re once again hiking Half Dome, road tripping around Norway or lounging poolside in Florida. And when it does, don’t be surprised to bump into the folks who helped you book your fab vacation package. We’re talking about us! Like you, the Travelocity crew has been cooped up too long and are yearning for the time when we can set sail, hit the road and jet set once again. Here are the dream destinations our team members are excited to travel to next—when the time is right!

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Yosemite National Park, California

“Hiking Half Dome has been on my bucket list for the last 4 years. This year, I had done all the research to apply for the lottery and acquire route maps and gear. I was excited to enter the preseason lottery in March. However, due to COVID-19 Yosemite remains closed. I can’t wait to head down there and check off one of the last two remaining National Parks on my Cali list (the other being Channel Islands).”—Parashar P., Business Operations


“My wife and I were looking forward to celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary by recreating our honeymoon in the Bahamas. Instead, I’m filling up our kids’ inflatable pool for the 10th time this quarantine.”—DJ H., App Engagement Lead

Palm Springs, California

“After quarantining with two dogs, a one year old and a husband in a downtown Chicago condo, I am ready to be poolside in Palm Springs with a spicy margarita!”—Erin K., Director of Merchandising and Promotions


“We had a cruise planned with our extended family to the Norwegian fjords that we were slated to take at the end of June. While we had to delay this adventure, we quickly planned a replacement driving and hiking tour of Norway for next summer. Skål!”—Bruce H., Media & Alliances Lead

Utah and Colorado

“We had plans for a road trip in early May to Colorado and Utah which got cancelled. National Parks in Utah/Colorado are our favorite go-to places; once it’s safe to travel, we can’t wait to go out there and have an awesome vacation. Planning to complete the White Rim Trail in Moab and do some off-road trails in Telluride/Ouray in Colorado.”—Sumit K., Database Developer II


“Our 10-year anniversary was in May this year, so my husband and I wanted to take a big trip to celebrate. We chose France, specifically to explore the Dordogne region by kayak and then visit the Lascaux caves before making our way to Provence (to eat, eat, eat). When COVID-19 struck, we knew our trip would have to be postponed. On the bright side, we’ve decided to save up and treat ourselves to an even bigger France vacation next year.”—Geneva D., Content Manager

New Mexico

“In my younger years I worked for years as a Wrangler and Horseman at the Philmont Scout Ranch, which is the largest Scout camp in the world with 365,000 acres of land. As a leader I had the chance to attend a fantastic scouting and corporate leadership training, called Woodbadge, at Philmont at the end of August. They only offer a couple of these every year at the Ranch, so its kind of a special experience only a few get to have. It would have been my first time to get back to a place I consider a second home in over 20 years. Unfortunately, the Ranch is closed for the summer. So that means it’s at least a year before I can go.”—Josh G., Senior SEO Specialist


“My husband and I planned to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and a kind of big birthday with an over-the-top tour through Europe at the end of this month. Needless to say, we are getting back to basics and booking some fun in the sun in good ole Florida!”—JoAnn W., Senior Manager Strategic Partnerships

Grand Canyon or Denver

“My sister and I were looking forward to visiting the Greek Islands this summer but have had to postpone our trip in light of the COVID pandemic. We’re thinking we’ll switch it up and make it a road trip summer instead, and are currently deciding between driving West to the Grand Canyon or Denver. We definitely look forward to island hopping in Greece in the near future though!”—Sasha O., Mobile Marketing Manager, User Acquisition

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