“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” That quote has often been incorrectly attributed to Mark Twain. Whoever said it had clearly spent some time in the city by the Bay in the summer months. San Francisco’s weather has quite the reputation of being somewhat sporadic at any time of year – sometimes it’s sunny, then turns foggy, and might even have a bit of a drizzle. But, your best chance of exploring the city under sunny skies is to visit San Francisco in the spring. So pack your shorts and book time between March and May for a spectacular San Francisco adventure.

Stake Out Your Spot

Perfect weather means plenty of time outdoors, right? Fortunately, San Francisco has some wonderful parks, outdoor cafes and even a small beach to enjoy. Dig your toes into the sand first at the beach near Ghirardelli Square. It is perfect for people watching. Sometimes in the spring, you can spot brave swimmers in the icy waters, training for triathlons and races that take place in the Bay.

After meandering through Golden Gate Park and the various shopping plazas, head to Pier 39 for harborside views. This is a must-do in San Francisco for animal lovers, as sea lions congregate here, barking and playing to the visitors’ delight..

Have a meal at the Foreign Cinema in the Mission neighborhood while sitting in the courtyard. It looks serene day or night, covered in greenery and lights. This place is especially lovely to end an evening with a classic movie and their delectable crème brûlée.

Stay Classy

Visiting San Francisco offers an opportunity to experience the refined and dazzling side of its tradition and style. These are embodied in the art, music, and culinary delights offered by the city year-round, but especially in blooming springtime.
Connect with the local classical music station, KDFC, and be delighted with their calendar of events full of great outdoor concerts, shows and even music lessons. Most feature international talent, from opera singers to concert cello players.

A Little Strange in May

Toward the end of the spring and into summer, San Francisco is still going strong in the realm of events and festivals. Many take place right on the bay and are open to the public so all can participate. If you consider your crew fairly active and a little bit goofy, it can be a thrill to check out the Bay to Breakers Race. Although this somewhat informal 12K run does include some crazy running tunes and maybe even a little imbibing, it’s all in good fun and for charity. Join San Fran locals as they zip past the Golden Gate Bridge and finish in Golden Gate Park, sporting silly costumes and having a generally great time. Or simply watch instead for just as many giggles and sights to see.

Also in May is the How Weird Street Faire, featuring 10 different stages of talented electronic music acts, artists and more. Bring the kids or venture there yourself for a few days and nights of incredible shows, performances and a memorable display of what makes San Francisco such a colorful place to visit.

With beautiful weather, enhancing cultural experiences and one-of-a-kind outdoor events, spring is the time to explore everything San Francisco has to offer. Airfares are usually reasonable, and the weather is perfect — so even travelers without a lot of cash can enjoy all the parks and gorgeous sites around town, comfortably and for free. So pack up your bags, and get over to the City by the Bay for a perfect spring vacation, where you’re sure to be doused in culture, fun, and some seriously hilly streets.

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