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What’s your favorite part of traveling? Deciding which restaurants you’ll try? Researching the best local attractions? Whatever it is, we bet packing doesn’t top the list. Unlike dreaming and planning, it’s a part of the trip many prefer to procrastinate on, waiting until hours before departure to throw together a few must-have items and hoping for the best. If you’re guilty of over-packing, last-minute packing or even under-packing, you’re not alone — but we’re here to help you change your ways and make it an enjoyable part of your journey!

Before You Pack

Check with your flight carrier for any restrictions they may have on checked and carry-on bags. Weight limits vary, as do the size and number of carry-ons you’re allowed to bring with you on your flight. Avoid any surprise fees at the airport by checking your airline’s website for their specific requirements, and invest in a luggage scale to ensure you haven’t packed too heavy (and won’t have to shuffle items to your carry-on in the middle of the airport!)

While You Pack

You don’t have to leave your favorite take alongs behind to save on space. Pack with a purpose and find hidden places to tuck your necessities. Try rolling your clothes versus folding, use shoes to keep toiletries in place and let your suitcase’s pockets house the go-to items you’ll need most often. Can’t leave your favorite products and lotions at home? Squeeze a week’s worth into medicine bottles and avoid the risk of spillage while reducing the weight of your bag.

After You Pack

If your destination calls for bulky sweaters, big boots and heavy coats, skip packing and wear them! Large items will only weigh your luggage down, while leaving little space for all those other travel must-haves. Wear your bulkiest clothes on the flight, and them stow away in the overhead bins during travel time. You’ll be glad to have it upon arrival — plus you’ll have extra room for anything you might want to take home to remember your trip!

Want more ideas? Watch our video for all our tips and tricks to prep for packing time:

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