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For Caribbean getaways, look no further than the tiny island of Nevis, the island that time forgot! We’ve partnered with international travel writer Dr. Cacinda Maloney from PointsandTravel as she shares her experiences on this tiny island in the Caribbean.

Come along with Travel Writer Cacinda Maloney to explore Nevis, the island that time forgot.

Sitting in my plantation-style bungalow one midafternoon, I hear the rain pummel the sea around me. As fine mist sprayed through the open window I realized that I had forgotten to close. I ran over to it and slammed it shut. Eventually, I settled back into my cozy, lime-green room with the obligatory ceiling fan paddling the warm air to read my book.

Travel Writer Cacinda Maloney's Bungalow Room in Nevis

As I tried to read the pages, the soft hum of the window unit air-conditioning managed to rock me to sleep sooner than I had even expected. I dozed off when suddenly I heard:


Ring. Ring. From a real land line telephone!

“Dr. Maloney?”


“Your Driver is here to pick you up.”


Nevis, The Island that Time Forgot

I climbed into the taxi and met my driver Champ. Shock, but they don’t have UBER in Nevis! Riding in the back seat, I could hear him humming underneath his breath and upon occasion, he would sing along with the song that was playing. He knew every word… . Eventually, a Frank Sinatra song came on and it was then that I started to notice the types of songs that were playing during my ride to Four Seasons, Nevis for lunch… Greats like James Carr, Nat King Cole, Etta James, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington… Billie Holiday, you get the gist of it… Classic American Blues for the soul.

Travel Writer Cacinda Maloney explores the beach in Nevis

Champ is like the perfect ambassador to Nevis, he represents so much about what this tiny island south of St. Kitts in the Caribbean is all about. Nevis slowly and gently lets you unwind from your uptight city life. Over time, it quietly shows you how sweet and genuine its people can be. With its simplicity, it takes you back to when things were easy, and you don’t have to try so hard. It is a friendly, unspoiled tropical paradise and appears to be impervious to the glitz and glamor that many Caribbean islands have become.

Think of a playlist that congers up 1950’s old-time blues and then imagine every time you enter into Champ’s Taxi Service that it brings you to that time and place. Champ’s taxi is like a journey into the soul of 67-year-old black man from Nevis. Champ evokes that feeling that old jazz gives you with his gentle spirit and soft raspy voice. He always had a smile, was humble, helpful, and was so grateful for his life that he instantly made you feel at ease.

Beautiful Beaches in Nevis

Nevis, The Island that Time Forgot

Soon I struck up a conversation with Champ and his love of music. I adore that music is one of his passions in life. I completely get it. He inspired me to listen to his music each interaction that we would have. One night, when he dropped me off at the Nisbet Plantation, I walked to my villa. It was then that I enjoyed the rest of the evening by dancing around and listening to Champ’s music….it was quiet and relaxing.

Nisbet Plantation in Nevis

I believe one of the reasons why Nevis has remained so quiet and unchanged is the challenge it takes to get there. But maybe that is what makes it worth the effort: there are not as many tourists here, and plenty of free space on the beach. There are a few direct flights from the United States, however, most come in from St. Kitts and then the tourists take the ferry boat across to Nevis in about 10 minutes.

Things to Do in Nevis:

Treat yourself to a spa day at the Four Seasons Nevis.

Four Seasons Spa in Nevis

The Botanical Gardens – Spectacular botanical gardens that are impressive to everyone who visits. While you are there, you should eat the best Thai food on the island which is located in the back of the property in the tea house called Oasis in the Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens, Nevis

Take a Nature Walk to Mountravers Estate – It was a medium-sized sugar plantation at one time in the late 1700’s. It is now in quite a disarray, as only the foundations of the houses remain. It provides a good hike and a good view.

Mountravers Estate, Nevis

Check out the Nevis Craft House/Artisan Village – where you can shop and purchase locally made products.

Nevis Crafthouse and Artisan Village

Visit Charlestown downtown and see the Alexander Hamilton Birthplace to learn a little history of the island.

Charlestown, Nevis - Birthplace of Alexander Hamilton

Where to Eat in Nevis:

Bananas Bistro – Take a torch path walkway surrounded by lush tropical gardens where you will find Bananas hidden away on the historic Hamilton Estate. Built in the old plantation style, the restaurant looks out through the palm trees to the ocean. It is delightful.

Golden Door Plantation –  Six pastel cottages containing 11 rooms tucked into the sides of a lush green hill and the best place for a lobster sandwich and carrot cake on the island. The setting is wonderful.

Golden Door Plantation in Nevis

Montpelier Plantation –  It doesn’t get much better than this – a gorgeous 18th century plantation that has been refurbished to a modern luxury style. Fine dining abounds here. It’s lovely.

Come along with Travel Writer Cacinda Maloney to explore Nevis, the island that time forgot.

Come to Nevis for a relaxing getaway!

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