Seasonal changes are a marvelous thing to witness, especially the drastic fluctuations that take place between winter and spring. Some folks who live in cities and suburbs might not get the chance to witness these types of things, so it can be a thrill to connect with nature and visit our national parks. It’s the perfect way to check out some incredible open spaces and track the blooms of wildflowers from east to west. 

Wildflowers in Tennessee

April will see the start of a warmer weather celebration with the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage. Head to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for this five-day event full of presentations, nature walks and, of course, colorful flora everywhere. This tradition began in the early 1950s and is a mainstay in the Smoky Mountains. Look for species such as dayflowers, irises, lilies, orchids and even petunias. Don’t forget your favorite camera, as there are plenty of photo opportunities. Plus, there is an annual photography contest, so submit your best pics! Sign up ahead of time online and learn about which flowers will be at their best from the videos posted by professional botanists.

Venture to Yosemite

As one of the most iconic national parks, Yosemite is a must-visit any time of year. But it truly comes to life during the spring, as blooms surround the massive mountains, waterfalls and forests once the temperatures start to rise. Common species include the perky monkeyflowers and sweet buttercups that can be pointed out along countless hiking and driving trails. The Cook’s Meadow Loop and pathways by Wapama Falls are prettiest in May. Check out bed-and-breakfasts nearby or camp right in the park for some charming accommodation options.

Blooms Out West

Utah’s desert landscapes provide stark contrast to the springtime flowers and plants that come to life. This is especially prevalent in Arches National Park. Each month varies in blooms, including May’s plethora of different species. See trees with white dogbane and yucca plants covered in flowers. Even the local poison ivy will sprout sunny-yellow flowers – just don’t get too close! Longer hikes such as the one to the Delicate Arch will be lined with plants, so venture on your own, or take a guided walk through the park to witness some natural miracles. The weather can begin to get rather warm, so plan accordingly when doing the longer hikes outside. Camping and other accommodations are also available at this park during prime-time blooming flower season.

Most of our national parks greet spring with beautiful blooms. This provides a gorgeous backdrop for travelers hoping to be one with nature and have a wonderful, rustic time on their next vacation.

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