You can’t plan your vacation around the rainy days of the Pacific Northwest. We’ve partnered with Keryn Means of Walking On Travels to show us how to enjoy Seattle, WA with kids … both indoors and out.

When you visit the Emerald City, there’s always a good chance of rain for at least part of your trip. Thousands of citizens in the Pacific Northwest wander the city streets every day. You can do it, too. The rain is what makes the city green and gorgeous. Embrace it. Pack your rain boots and an umbrella. It’s time to get inspired to laugh in Mother Nature’s face by exploring some of our favorite things to do in Seattle when it rains.

Seattle in the rain with kids

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Go Outside

No one has ever melted from a little water. Well, except the Wicked Witch of the West. Supposedly. You and your kids will survive hikes in Seattle parks, stomping through puddles downtown, posing at the top of the Space Needle, and standing outside of the “original” Starbucks to get your photos. Luckily, Seattle sees very little thunder and lighting storms, so you don’t have to take cover very often. When you do, head to the Volunteer Park Conservatory. This public greenhouse is the perfect spot to warm up and dry off any time of the year.

Get Caffeinated

Several years ago, coffee shops across the city got wise to the fact that parents need coffee just as much (if not more) than young hipsters. Several coffee shops opened with extensive play areas with just that in mind. Even the coffee shops without the mega-indoor playgrounds are happy to have children in their shop. Some even have coloring tables or game corners for kids to hang out. After all, many of those coffee drinking hipsters have kids eventually, too.

Seattle in the rain

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Explore the Museum Scene

Seattle is a small city, but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to the arts and sciences. If you are in town on the first Thursday of the month and it’s pouring, you are in luck. That’s when most of the museums and galleries across the city offer free or discounted entrance. Two top museums you don’t want to miss are Chihuly Garden and Glass and Pacific Science Center, both indoors at Seattle Center.

Say Hi to the Local Critters

Woodland Park Zoo and the Seattle Aquarium are the two hot spots to introduce your kids to the local (and a few not so local) northwest critters. Each has indoor spaces for kids to play and explore. The Woodland Park Zoo’s Zoomazium is a very popular spot on rainy days for locals. Kids can climb, learn from zoo staff about the animals in their care and do different craft activities to take home. 

Seattle in the rain

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Make Your Calories Count

Seattle has one amazing brunch and happy hour scene, and both are incredibly kid friendly. When the drizzle hits the city, do a little research or ask your hotel concierge and bellhop where he or she likes to enjoy breakfast or an after-work snack. They always know the local hot spots and opening hours. Happy Hours may seem like more of a 20-something adult activity, but not in this city. Many restaurants have fantastic appetizer specials that make it easy to load up the kids on an early dinner. Almost every restaurant in the city welcomes children (and dogs), so don’t be afraid to pop in.

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