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Bed & Breakfasts—yes, the old school kind—are seeing a significant uptick with summer travelers. New Travelocity data shows room nights at B&Bs have grown 25% year-over-year on the travel booking site, and some major cities are seeing an increase in bookings of 100% or more, including Los Angeles (100%), San Francisco (125%), Chicago (149%), Detroit (145%) and Charlotte (149%).

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“Bed & Breakfasts are this special hybrid for travelers,” says Laura Molnar, senior brand marketing manager for Travelocity. “They offer the amenities of a hotel and also the local ambiance of an apartment rental. Guests that choose this option are craving a certain kind of experience, whether that’s a home-cooked, locally sourced meal or just genuine camaraderie with the hosts and other guests.”

While large metro areas are seeing the largest increases, it’s smaller towns and cities where travelers most crave the Bed & Breakfast experience. Key West, famous for its clapboard houses and relaxed vibe, is currently the top destination for B&Bs in the United States. Meanwhile, the American South is famous for its hospitality so it’s no surprise to see that other top-booked destinations include Savannah, St. Augustine, New Orleans and Asheville, respectively. Rounding out the top ten are tourist faves Charleston, Newport (Rhode Island), Washington DC, Santa Fe and Provincetown.

To help travelers save on their summer trips this year, we’re sharing the top 5 domestic and international destinations* to book for $200 or less, now through Memorial Day, with their average daily rates listed. When you’re ready to book, head to and click the “Bed & Breakfast” Property Type filter during your hotel search.

United States:

Los Angeles ($169 average)

New Orleans ($181 average)

Santa Fe ($189 average)

Provincetown ($197 average)

Detroit ($200 average)


Rome ($129 average)

Inverness, Scotland ($132 average)

Montreal ($141 average)

Niagara Falls, Canada ($141 average)

Florence ($149 average)

*Based on demand data from 2017 to 2018 on

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