It’s no secret that Puerto Vallarta has some really nice all-inclusive resorts, but what about a hotel that’s easy on the wallet? We asked men’s lifestyle and travel writer Joe Miragliotta from Joe’s Daily to share his recent find.

During a recent trip to Puerto Vallarta with two of my fellow #Gnomads Meagan and Sher, we had the pleasure of touring 3 Posadas properties: Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta, Grand Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta (where we stayed), and Fiesta Inn Puerto Vallarta Isla. The first two are gorgeous all-inclusive resorts that Meagan and Sher can tell you all about, respectively. As for the Fiesta Inn, it’s a great hotel for those looking to experience Puerto Vallarta outside of a big resort. Here’s my take on why it’s more than just a budget-friendly hotel.

Fiesta Inn Puerto Vallarta Isla

Credit: Fiesta Inn Puerto Vallarta Isla

The Hotel and Amenities

The property itself is clean, modern and welcoming. It’s easy to feel at home here.

The Puerto Vallarta Isla location is just one of many Fiesta Inn properties located in Mexico. Known for hosting business travelers and families, the hotel boasts 144 rooms: 85 Superior Double, 58 Superior Single, and 1 accessible. Additionally, they have a slew of meeting rooms that help even those on vacation get a little work done.

Fiesta Inn Puerto Vallarta Isla Room

Credit: Fiesta Inn Puerto Vallarta Isla

One of the key elements to the hotel is what they call Lounge 360°, which is Fiesta Inn’s idea of an open concept for their guests. Here you will find desks to work at, armchairs to rest in, and entertainment and lounge areas. It’s the perfect meeting place to have a snack from their 24/7 deli or simply grab-and-go. Of course, if room service is more your thing, then you will be happy to know that too is available at any time.

Fiesta Inn Lounge 360

Lounge 360. Credit: Fiesta Inn Puerto Vallarta Isla

Fiesta Inn Puerto Vallarta Isla restaurant bar

Credit: @JoesDaily

Last, but certainly not least is the Fiesta Inn pool. Open throughout the day, the views overlooking Puerto Vallarta Isla are incredible, especially at sunset.

Fiesta Inn Puerto Vallarta Pool

Credit: Fiesta Inn Puerto Vallarta Isla

Nearby Shopping

You will be happy to know that the Fiesta Inn hotel is located in the newly developed La Isla shopping village, a 105,000 sq-ft retail space as vibrant as Puerto Vallarta itself.

La Isla Shopping Village Puerto Vallarta

Credit: @JoesDaily

Its welcoming, open-air layout is filled with beautiful landscaping, fountains, and a river that runs right through it. If you’re up for it, you can even take a pirate themed boat tour around the river–we sure did, and it was amazing.

SherSheGoes with the pirate's parrot

SherSheGoes with the pirate’s parrot. Credit: @JoesDaily

Whether you forgot something at home or are just looking to do a little shopping, chances are you will find what you’re looking for at one of La Isla’s 80+ commercial spaces.

Special Gnomads tip: Grab yourself a Mexican hot chocolate and Pan de Muertos at the Starbucks. You won’t regret it!

Pan de Muertos (Mexican Bread of the Dead)

Credit: @JoesDaily

Spend a day at Fiesta Americana All-Inclusive Resort & Spa

Whatever your reason may be to stay at a hotel instead of an all-inclusive resort, you can still have the best of both worlds. Fiesta Inn’s sister hotel, Fiesta Americana, is just a short walk away, and allows outside guests to purchase a day pass for a totally reasonable fee. There you will be able to experience the all-inclusive luxury Posadas properties are famous for.

The view of the pool from Fiesta American Puerto Vallarta room

Not a bad view at the resort. Credit: @JoesDaily

A mango margarita welcome at Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta

Mango margarita taste test. Don’t mind if I do. Credit: @JoesDaily

Couples massage room at Fiesta American Puerto Vallarta

Couples massage room at Fiesta American Puerto Vallarta. Credit: @JoesDaily

It should be noted that depending on Fiesta Americana’s current capacity you may be denied entry. So make sure you plan ahead.

Activities Nearby

“If only I had more time.” This is what I keep saying to myself as I reflect back on my stay in Puerto Vallarta. There truly is an endless amount of things to do and see, so below I’m sharing with you a few of my bucket list activities I plan on doing the next time I’m there–all close to the Fiesta Inn hotel.

More activity inspiration can be found on the Top Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta list from Travelocity.

Hidden gems

Puerto Vallarta is more than just lush backdrops, sandy beaches and romantic sunsets. There are hidden gems around every corner. Though, the former is enough reason to want to visit the vibrant city. I’m talking more about the surprises you stumble upon, or in our case, almost step on.

Saving a baby turtle in Puerto Vallarta

Saving a baby turtle on Playa Holi beach in Puerto Vallarta. Credit: Laura Cleary

Just a 5-minute walk from the Fiesta Inn hotel is the public beach “Playa Holi.” Here we had an encounter with a baby Olive ridley sea turtle and a first-hand experience with what Mexico’s advanced sea turtle protection program look like. Moments after spotting the little guy scurrying between our feet, a boy from the local restaurant runs over to save the day. He proceeded to wet his hands to safely scoop up the baby Olive ridley and place him back into the turtle sanctuary you see below.

Olive ridley sea turtle sanctuary

A few of the locals that saw us admiring the setup recommended we come back around 10am the next day. This is when the man in charge checks to see if any eggs have hatched. It’s truly a remarkable place to see up close.

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