The opulent luxury and perfectly maintained beauty of Wailea is calling to you, tempting you to come and revel in its idyllic beaches and stylish hotels. Give in.

There’s no denying or dodging it: Wailea is a destination designed for the finer things in life. It’s a picture-perfect spot, with some of the best beaches in Maui backed by some of its most extravagant hotels and chic spas. Isn’t it time you had a bit of luxury?

Modern Wailea sprouted up in an old fishing town as visitors flocked to some of the best beaches in Maui. There are five to choose from and you don’t need to be staying in one of the hotels to access them. All of the beaches are the kind of beautiful that will make your eyes pop. Think crescents of golden sand, invitingly clear water, and the rustle of palm trees swaying in the gentlest of ocean breezes. The biggest hitter – and something of a celebrity magnet – is Wailea Beach itself, one of the most famous beaches on Maui.

Scuba-diving expeditions set off regularly from Wailea for the popular dive spot of Molokini, a C-shaped island with a biodiverse basin. The other option, of course, is to swim closer to home. All you need to do is put on a pair of goggles and flippers to witness the colorful underwater world of Maui’s coastline. Ulua Beach in particular is amazing for snorkeling.

The life of luxury promised to Wailea’s visitors extends beyond the hotels. The district also offers some of the best restaurants, high-end fashion boutiques, and rejuvenating spas on the island to give you a thoroughly relaxing vacation. Indulge in seafood dishes that will make your mouth water even just remembering them, days after you’ve eaten every bite off your plate. Succumb to the hands of masseurs in open-air spas that face views of volcanic beauty for a spa day in a location unlike any other.