Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum

Browse a collection of classic motorbikes by some of the world’s most famous brands. See restored machines that date back to the early 20th century at this free museum.

Appreciate the beauty and precision engineering of more than 50 classic motorbikes at the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum. They include two-wheeled machines by renowned manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson, Honda and Yamaha. The vehicles come from America, Japan, India and Europe.

Devote at least an hour to touring the small museum. See a 1915 Harley-Davidson Twin, one of the oldest bikes in the collection. There is also an Indian Twin from 1913 and an Excelsior Twin from two years later. Look at the small collection of military bikes including the 1945 Harley-Davidson "U" U.S. Navy. During the war the company provided the US Army with large numbers of motorbikes. Some of the bikes are behind glass cases to preserve their condition while others are resting on top of cases.

Other bike models include a 1966 Triumph Chopper and 1981 Yamaha Flat Track Racer. All the machines have been restored and touched up. Look over the engines and admire the gleaming paintwork. Many look as good as they did when they first rolled out of the factory doors.

Browse the banners, dealer signs, leather apparel, badges and other items of memorabilia that line the walls. Some of the collectables and original artwork highlight the motorcycle’s place in popular culture. View the museum’s collection of autographed portraits including one of comedian and former chat show host Jay Leno and one of motorcycle designer Willie G. Davidson.

Read about pioneering figures in motorcycling history and look at their portraits which are on display throughout the museum.

Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum is housed on the second floor of a Harley-Davidson dealership in downtown Colorado Springs. It is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays and there is no charge for admission. Free parking is available at the dealership.