Colorado Springs

Filled with Wild West saloons, incredible restaurants, and military history, this mountain city awaits trailblazers of all kinds.

The second-largest city in the state, Colorado Springs may live in the shadow of Denver when it comes to size, but not when it comes to elevation. This city is more than a mile above sea level, but since that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, the people who nicknamed Colorado Springs chose to embody an even loftier ideal. Colorado Springs is home to the U.S. Olympic Training Center, as well as the U.S. Olympic Committee, so this lovely mountain abode has called itself “America’s Olympic City.”

Not surprisingly, one of the city’s most popular outdoor attractions is Garden of the Gods, a set of monumental sandstone formations shooting up out of the ground. It’s one of the best free things to do in Colorado Springs, so wrap your rock-climbing fingers around those peaks. That, or hike or bike your way around them before heading up to the visitors center, which overlooks the entire garden—this is where you’ll get those fantastic Instagram shots, by the way. Of course, the more well-known Pikes Peak is certainly worth a climb as well.

Wondering what to do in Colorado Springs indoors? Head to Old Colorado City and get a glimpse of the historical heart of the original town, founded in 1860. Wander through 21 shops and restaurants that used to be dens of vice (today, we’d call them saloons). Throw back a whiskey, pick out a pair of your very own cowboy boots, and then ride off into the sunset.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Colorado Springs

How high is Pike's Peak?

Pike's Peak was called "The Great Peak" by Lieutenant Zebulon Montgomery Pike, who discovered the mountain in 1806. He thought that perhaps it would never be climbed. Today, tourists from all over the world hike, drive, or take the Cog Rail up the mountain, which is 14,114 feet above sea level. Lieutenant Pike would be shocked to hear about the success of the Pike's Peak Marathon!

How is the weather in Colorado Springs?

All four seasons pay a visit to Colorado Springs each year. Summers will see temperatures reach the mid-80s, while they drop as low as 16 degrees in the heart of January. The city enjoys an average of 243 days of sunshine a year, and the spring and fall offer cool weather.

How big is Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs is the second-largest city in the state of Colorado behind Denver. It is home to over 465,000 residents and takes up 195.1 square miles in the central region of the state. Colorado Springs is also known for its vertical presence, as it is home to some of the tallest peaks in the country!