Palm Springs Air Museum

Imagine taking to the skies at one of the largest collections of World War II aircraft in the world. 

The Palms Springs Air Museum is one of the world’s most extensive collections of World War II aircraft and memorabilia. Perched on the edge of Palm Springs International Airport, you’ll find a celebration of classic combat aircrafts, and a memorial to the men and women who kept them flying.

Set aside a couple of hours to explore this remarkable collection of aircraft, many of which have starred in Hollywood films. Check out the assortment of flying wonders: Grummans, the Supermarine Spitfire and the P-51 Mustang, which was instrumental in winning World War II.

This “no ropes” museum invites visitors to get close to the aircrafts and, in some cases, actually go inside. Don’t miss the chance to walk (or rather, crawl) through the body of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.

The Palm Springs Air Museum is more than just a showcase of beautiful streamlined aircraft; it also serves to educate and commemorate. Throughout the three-hangar complex, informative displays are supplemented by a rotating collection of automobiles, aviation-themed paintings and memorabilia. All of this evokes the spirit of the various aircraft eras. The museum also hosts military commemorative events throughout the year.

The museum’s welcoming atmosphere is perfect for children, who are sure to enjoy the miniature control tower and flight simulators. Well-behaved pets are welcome too. Most of the staff are aviation enthusiasts, happy to answer your questions. Group tours, often led by former pilots, are available. Book a tour reservation at least two weeks in advance.

Many of the aircraft on display still fly, and you may be lucky to see one or two of them take to the skies. Ask one of the museum employees about scheduled flights for the day.

Palm Springs Air Museum is located just to the north of the International Airport, on Gene Autry Trail, around 10 minutes drive from downtown. There is free parking on-site. It’s open daily except Thanksgiving and Christmas.