California Science Center

Discover an aquarium with a giant kelp forest, an actual space shuttle and numerous educational displays and exhibits inside this remarkable facility.

The California Science Center is one of the United States’ foremost museums. Watch a film on the center’s giant seven-story IMAX cinema screen. See historic spacecraft, including the Space Shuttle Endeavour and several planetary probes.

The center features a tropical rainforest, teeming with wildlife. Watch a star show in the renowned planetarium. The California Science Center also hosts the annual California State Science Fair, typically held in May each year.

Admire the Space Shuttle Endeavour, the fifth and final operational space shuttle built. The Endeavour first launched in 1992 and was retired in 2012. Study this important piece of space exploration history and watch an educational film about the shuttle in the center’s IMAX cinema.

See other aspects of human and robotic space travel in the permanent Air & Space exhibit. Learn about the information gathered from telescopes on the ground and orbiting in space.

Marvel at the center’s giant kelp forest, a wonderful ecosystem typical of natural surroundings supporting over 800 wildlife species. This amazing underwater forest hosts leopard sharks, moray eels, rays, spiny lobsters, rockfish and more. Learn about kelp and other organisms inside this ecosystem.

See how earthquake-resistant buildings and solar cars work in the Creative World ongoing exhibit, which showcases feats in human innovation and creativity. Discover how technology influences transportation with interactive displays.

Check the official website for information on upcoming special exhibits, events, live shows and educational demonstrations. Find the California Science Center within Exposition Park, which features a number of other attractions, including the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, the California African American Museum and the Exposition Park Rose Garden.

The center is located about 14 miles (23 kilometers) from Los Angeles International Airport. The center’s permanent galleries are free to view; however, the IMAX theater and special exhibits charge admission fees.

The California Science Center is filled with unique scientific artifacts and many opportunities to learn about these fascinating items.