Los Angeles

Whether it’s fame and fortune, sunbaked beaches, or a foodie paradise that you dream of, the largest city in California has that and more.

The City of Angeles is not, in fact, full of angels. At least, not when you consider the infamously decadent lifestyle of the rich and famous who call it home. The Hollywood Sign announces itself from Griffith Park, but if you’re downtown skyscrapers, taco shops, and seemingly endless live music venues obscure your view of it and instead bring Los Angeles back down to Earth.

It’s true that no matter where you look, you’ll see familiar scenes and faces from some of your favorite movies. Stars frequent Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, and Rodeo Drive, and you can buy a “Map of the Stars” on many a street corner. But much of the city is best experienced in person, with all five senses.

If you’re wondering what to do in Los Angeles, just follow your nose. From Vietnamese pho to Mexican-Japanese fusion sushi rolls, to hot and melty pastrami sandwiches, heavenly flavors abound. The same goes for musical and entertainment tastes. Silky jazz, bouncing pop, and hair-splitting metal waft from local venues. Even a stroll down Venice Beach is sure to yield a drum circle or a boom box-toting roller skater. Performance and art are integral parts of the fabric of LA, and they’re as inescapable (and irresistible) as an outgoing tide.

Looking for things to do in Los Angeles on the beach? Try knocking over some milk bottles in glorious pursuit of a stuffed bear on Santa Monica Pier, or ogling the opulent mansions clinging to the cliffs of Malibu.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Los Angeles

Nightclubs in Los Angeles where celebrities go?

There are hundreds of clubs in Los Angeles where celebrities have been spotted, but those in Hollywood seem to be your best bet. Favorites of the rich and famous are: Avalon Hollywood, Boulevard 3, and Drai's. No luck? Try Bar Marmont and Voyeur in West Hollywood next.

How many neighborhoods are in LA?

Los Angeles County includes 88 different cities that are all part of the metropolitan area. Locals refer to parts of the county as Downtown, Hollywood, the Westside, The Valley, and the Beach Cities. These areas include 272 separate neighborhoods, each with their own personality.

What is the nickname of Los Angeles?

LA has many nicknames. City of Angels is the obvious one, but La-La Land (like the movie) is one that speaks to the fun side of the city. "Tinseltown" paints a picture of the sometimes shiny, glittery, and unreal nature of Hollywood.