Glowing pink sunsets over adobe houses, towering Saguaro cacti, and the high Sonoran Desert light up the aptly nicknamed Valley of the Sun.

The city’s sheer size—it’s the sixth most populous spot in the country!—means you’ll never run out of things to do in Phoenix. The area’s initial settlers, the Hohokam Native Americans, found the valley pleasing for far more than just a visit; they settled near the Salt and Verde Rivers to further their agricultural pursuits. Phoenix has long been an oasis in the desert, one now dotted with golf courses and parks.

When you understand the hodgepodge of cultures that make their home here, you’ll know exactly what to do in Phoenix: try all the flavors of the melting pot, from Native American flatbread to Sonoran enchiladas to good old American cheeseburgers (gourmet, of course). Eat in Downtown, Uptown or Roosevelt, and stroll to an abundance of bars, clubs and pubs just waiting to quench your thirst for drink and adventure.

With 300 days of sunshine per year, it’s hard to choose the best time to visit Phoenix. Join the snowbirds fleeing northern climes in the winter work on your tan (riverside, of course) in the summer or catch the Arizona Cardinals or Diamondbacks at spring training in between. Fridays are ideal for exploring weekly art walks; discover an irresistible turquois pendant or meet an artist in the midst of capturing the Black Mountains in oil or gouache. Let golf legends like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer inspire your best game on the green—which, incidentally, they may have designed, since dozens of PGA greats seem to share your affinity for the Valley of the Sun.

Quench your thirst for adventure with our Phoenix vacation packages. You’ll be surprised by just how much green you’ll save in this oasis in the desert. Wander wisely, friend.

Frequently Asked Questions about Phoenix

How many golf courses are in Phoenix?

In Arizona, there are 434 golf courses, and 185 of those are in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. That's 3,600 holes to play in the city. Many courses regularly make it to "best of" lists of golf publications and boast creators like Arnold Palmer, Tom Fazio, and other big names. If you're a links lover, don't miss the chance to golf in Phoenix!

What valley is Phoenix in?

The Phoenix Metropolitan Area is often referred to by two different valley names. It gets the name Salt River Valley because this is the largest river in the area, while an average of over 300 days of sunshine per year have earned it the moniker "Valley of the Sun."

How far is the Grand Canyon from Phoenix?

The Grand Canyon is due north of Phoenix about 225 miles, or around a three-hour, 20-minute drive. This will get you to the southern edge and Grand Canyon Village. Getting to the north rim adds another 125 miles to the trip, since you have to drive around the eastern branches of the canyon.