El Obelisco

Examine colorful murals depicting scenes from Dominican life through the ages on this centrally located landmark monument in La Romana.

A local landmark and popular attraction, El Obelisco is a common stop-off for tourists exploring the city of La Romana. Come here to inspect the bright, painted murals which cover the entirety of the monument.

As its name indicates, El Obelisco is an obelisk-shaped monument set in a leafy square just off a main La Romana thoroughfare. Note that the structure was modeled on the George Washington monument in Washington, D.C., though the La Romana version is a lot smaller than the original.

Look for the towering obelisk as you stroll down Avenue Libertad. The monument is covered from top to bottom with vivid-hued murals and as such, is hard to miss. Come closer to get a better look at the colorful paintings adorning its sides. The murals depict scenes from everyday Dominican life, both past and present. Human figures, including musicians, dancers and indigenous people, all feature prominently.

Find El Obelisco in Parque del Obelisco on Avenue Libertad in central La Romana. The park is just a 5-minute walk west of the banks of the Rio Romana. Alternatively, take a taxi here; most drivers will know where El Obelisco is. Naturally, as it is set in a public space, the monument is free to view and can be seen at all hours. To best appreciate the detailing in the murals, come during the day while it is still bright.

After viewing the monument, continue your explorations of La Romana on foot. Several other key sights, including Iglesia Santa Rosa de Lima and the La Romana Central Park, are less than 10 minutes’ walk away.