Celebrate the Fourth of July this year like a super patriot! Head to Boston. This is the city that lives, eats and breathes U.S. history on a daily basis, keeping the American spirit stoked with freedom, justice and a big dose of star-spangled pride. Learning about the birth of our nation was never so exciting, or so much fun.

Every year, Boston does the holiday up grand, with celebrations spanning several days and dozens of events. Boston’s Harborfest is a party that kicks things off with a marching band parade and waterfront celebration. From patriotic fife and drum groups, to full-scale marching ensembles, everyone’s in uniform and stepping lively to announce the start of this epic fest. After the parade, there is usually a kickoff party that continues the merrymaking, inviting you to join in with all you can muster, but you’d better be wearing red, white and blue, my friend.

Opening day is followed up with a Children’s Day full of fun facts, entertainment, juggling, music and games. Wayne Potash and the Music Fun Band provide the musical backdrop for scavenger hunts, face painters, Fly By Night juggling, and balloon artisans in a day scaled down for the youngest patriots. There’s even a fire truck for you to explore, with some real, live heroes to answer all the curious questions your youngsters can ask.

There’s a sailing race, such as last year’s Extreme Sailing Series, with a clutch of international multihull boats. You can watch from Fan Pier, cheering on your favorite crews, or secure a place on one of the chase boats to watch the action from the water.

Plans include a reenactment of Revolutionary War events, complete with all the most famous profiles that made American history so great, in addition to a few important ones that may not be so well known. You will watch history come to life, interpreted by knowledgeable, skilled actors.

Food, of course, enters into the picture, with Chowderfest, allowing for the popular vote to select the king of the chowder makers. If you like New England clam chowder, you’ll love this event. Taste them all, then cast your vote.

Throughout the week, concerts and special presentations in an extra festive environment continue to keep spirits high. Harbor dinner cruises, amphibious duck tours, flag ceremonies and an abundance of historical figures roaming the city make this one of your most memorable Fourth of July holiday celebrations around. After all, when was the last time you took a selfie with George Washington? Put that on your Facebook page for a long list of fun comments.

In addition to all of the Harborfest activities, Boston’s got a lot to share in its museums, along its walking tours, such as the Freedom Trail, and in its wonderful old taverns and restaurants just waiting for you to explore. The place is simply jammed with landmarks, each more interesting than the next. And the lovely cobblestone streets and old stone buildings really give you a feeling of walking through history. This is a fabulous gift to give yourself, and your family, on this very special American holiday. It’s a civics lesson everyone will find painless and fun.

Once the fireworks have died down, and the photos are all ‘shopped and posted, you’ll look back on this trip with a pleasant smile, never approaching Independence Day with quite the same attitude. In fact, you’ll probably want to come back and do your own reenactment, which would be totally understandable.

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