Destination is picked, and the transportation is settled. Now how do you know you’ll have a guaranteed fun time? There’s nothing like staring at your clock in your cubicle and finally going out to have your expectations crushed. There are just too many variables that could ruin a good time- after all there’s Mother Nature, your friend’s headache (and consequently bad mood), or even the overpriced bottle of water that could just bring your hopes down inch by inch. If you’ve read my profile, you’ve noticed that I’m a bit disorganized when it comes to my travel planning. However, I balance my disheveled itinerary with my must-haves for a good beach visit and in the end it turns out quite alright.

1.  Two Towels

Yes, bringing a towel is a no-brainer, but the must-have lies in the number two. There have been countless times that I’ve questioned post beach dip- “How do I dry my hair and sit down on a dry towel at the same time?” It will take up more space, but you’ll be happy about your dry bum later.

2.  Drinks and snacks

Nothing’s worse than paying $5 for just a can of soda…well actually not having a drink would probably be worse. Either way do yourself a favor and make sure your thirst is quenched and your stomach is happy.  If you want to take it to a next level bring not just snacks- but sandwiches!

3. Essential after beach clothes/shoes

I know you’ve seen it- wet bums walking along the boardwalk. It’s pretty embarrassing yet everyone goes through it at least once a season. Make sure to pack an extra set of clothes to change into after you’ve dried off. And let’s not forget…underwear!

4.  Sun block

Yes, I really am telling you not to forget the sun block, although it’s not like your mother hasn’t covered it enough times already. Despite all of the reminders, we still see lobsters on the beach. Just take it from this guy, SPF and you’ll be in heaven!

5.  Weather

I’m just thinking about all the oblivious people out there that, like me, think that all weekends should and will be sunny and cloudless. Pop on over to before your trip and prevent a disaster from happening that may have included wet flip flops and consequentially, toe wedgies.

6.  Friends

What could guarantee more fun than your own friends? Do your best to get them to commit to a date and destination and you’ll be roaring to go.

7.  Music

Last but definitely not least…music! Sure, waves sound peaceful and great, but nothing completes a nice beach day like some music. The best is that you can alter it depending on your mood- maybe you’ll start the day with some DMB and end it with some Ludacris.

Now that you have the list of must-haves for your beach trip, let’s take a look at the fantastic destinations that are on sale…and how many PTO days you have.

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