Moms rarely take a break … even when they are on vacation, they forget to take care of themselves. We’ve partnered with Keryn Means of Walking On Travels to give us a few simple ways to help mom unwind and get the rest she needs while traveling with kids. (Just in time for Mother’s Day!)

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Moms are still busy being moms, whether they are on vacation or not. When families go on vacation, when is mom actually getting rest? Probably never, or at least not until the kids go to bed.

We know how important it is for moms to get a break and feel refreshed. After all, how can we be great moms unless we have slept and pampered ourselves a bit?

There are several ways to enjoy your family vacation, but sneak in a little extra perks for mom too. Housekeeping at the hotel has already taken care of your cleaning duties. Now let’s take care of the rest.

Spa break for mom

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The hotel spa or a local day spa is the number one way to help mom relax. Generally, children are not allowed into spas, making this a safe haven. No whining, crying or clinging kids. Nope. This is all about mom and getting her brain centered on herself for once.

Soak in the hot tub, enjoy the steam rooms and sauna. If there is a multi-step hydrotherapy experience before your spa treatment, all the better. Bring a book to read in the quiet room. Don’t just rush in for a massage or facial and rush out. Use all of the spa amenities so you get the full experience. This is how you will return back to your family refreshed and like a new mom.

Room Service

Cooking is a major task for parents. Your kids have to eat and so do you. Going to a restaurant can solve that problem, but you still have to get the kids dressed and out the door. Order room service and you never have to get out of your sweats or jammies. You can enjoy your morning coffee or dinner in bed at your leisure.

You won’t have to worry about table manners and the kids going crazy because they have to sit still for longer than their wiggly bodies can handle. Room service isn’t as expensive as you might think either. Take a look at the menu. Compare it to the hotel restaurant and you will be surprised with what you find.

Kids Club for mom

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Kids Clubs

Built-in babysitting comes in the form of kids clubs at hotels and resorts. Not all hotels offer a kids club, so do your research. This is where you drop the kids to have fun with their peers so you can get a little quiet time on your vacation too. This is not cruel to your kids. They LOVE kids clubs. They will probably beg to stay.

Adults-Only Pool

When you are done relaxing at the spa, but you aren’t quite ready to go back to your noisy kids, you hit the adults-only pool. This is where the grown ups play. No one is whining that his or her brother splashed him. Generally, there is a swim-up bar too. Take a seat and enjoy a cocktail as you soak up some much needed sun and rest.

Morning Yoga

Mornings can be your quiet time again. You just need to book a morning yoga session. Yes, it is hard to get up with the sunrise. Think of it this way — if you are sharing a hotel room with your kids, chances are you will be up with the sun anyway. Why not schedule yourself a little peace and quiet? Leave the other grownups to deal with feeding the kids and getting them dressed for the day.

Mom vacation

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Concierge Services

Now, most of these things do take some planning. The last thing any mom wants to do is plan one more thing, which is why she usually doesn’t plan something for herself. Call the hotel concierge. Give him or her a list of things you want scheduled and let them do the work. Concierge desk staffs know the area, can find the babysitter you need when there is no kids club or the club is closed, and are more than happy to make your vacation just a little easier. They are already paid to be there and help guests. You might as well give them something to do.

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