In Texas, not far from Travelocity’s headquarters, a fantastic foodie scene is blossoming in the Wild West town of Roanoke, once a popular pit stop for cowboys and cattle drivers.  While a modern-day visit to Roanoke will satiate you every culinary desire from Tex Mex, to hearth-baked pizzas to family-style fried chicken, when it’s old-fashioned frontier food that Travelocity locals are after, they head to Reno Red’s.

Stepping into Reno Red’s is like stepping back in time to a late 1800’s wagon on the prairie.  Drinks are served out of mason jars, cast iron pans decorate the walls, and memorabilia worthy of an appearance on Antiques Roadshow peppers the dining room with rustic authenticity.

Here, recipes are prepared in homage to the great Chuckwagon cooks from the Old Frontier in a tradition that hasn’t changed much in 200 years.  The Texas Two-Step shouldn’t be missed, and includes a double dose of mesquite grilling with your choice of chicken, steak or melt-in-your-mouth beef brisket.  Locally famous in Roanoke are Reno Red’s Baby Back Ribs, loved for their slow-roasted, fall-off-the-bone goodness.  Pair them with a side of Banderos — cheesy stuffed jalapenos thrown on the grill — and you’ll be ready to hit the Chisholm trail.

For its quality eats, charming service and a taste of times past, we tip our hat to Reno Red’s in Roanoke, Texas — this week’s Local Secret, Big Find®.


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