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Whether you’re a heliophile, avid fisherman, history buff, or love the supernatural, chances are, Bimini, the chain of westernmost Bahamian islands, has made an appearance on your radar. Famous for its beaches, tranquil waters and upscale lodging including The Amazing Race pit-stop prize Resorts World Bimini, we asked men’s lifestyle and travel writer Joe Miragliotta of to tell us about all the Bahamian island has to offer. Check out the reasons he’s in love below. 

Located a mere 50 miles east of Miami lie the mystical islands of Bimini. At around only 10 collective square miles, one might be inclined to think that this tiny bit of land wouldn’t have a lot to offer, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. (I mean, if it were, would amazing individuals like Martin Luther King Jr. or Ernest Hemingway have fallen in love with it the way they did?) From fantastic historical and natural sites—both above and below the water—to spectacular places to eat and epic things to do, the makings of an unforgettable vacation are easy to find in Bimini. Below, you’ll find a list of all the different options at your disposal for perfectly tailoring your trip to your interests. What are you waiting for? Hop on a plane or grab a ferry and let your adventure begin!

The Land, the History

When it comes to phenomenal landmarks of both the natural and historical varieties, Bimini has a surprising amount for such a small place. There’s the seemingly magical Healing Hole and Fountain of Youth, a mineral-rich mangrove swamp and well said to soothe those that swim in its waters of whatever might ail them. As far as man-made sites go, start with Dolphin House, a mini-museum made entirely of natural and recycled materials from around the island and constructed by local historian and author Ashley Saunders. For visitors looking to take in more of the islands’ ecology, there’s the Bimini Nature Hiking Trail where you can wander both alone or on a guided tour.

Fountain of Youth in South Bimini

The Fountain of Youth entrance in South Bimini

The Sea, the Mystery

Of course, to take a trip to Bimini and not spend time in the water would be completely ridiculous. If there are two things the islands are known for it’s big fishing and their positioning in the Bermuda Triangle. Fans of the supernatural will want to make sure and take a dive to check out the plethora of sunken ghost ships scattered around the coast. After that, head over to the famed Bimini Road, an underwater rock formation, and form your own opinion as to whether or not it’s a man-made structure (Atlantis, perhaps?). Those more interested in the local fauna that call the area home have tons of options at their disposal—whether they’re looking to swim among the sharks, dolphins and stingrays or add a catch of everything from bonefish to marlin to their records.

The Locals, the Food

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You just can’t fully appreciate a place without properly getting to know it. While you’re on your trip to Bimini, be sure to set aside plenty of time to take in the local culture. Yes, a trip to Dolphin House will get your foot in the door, but definitely don’t stop there. If you don’t quite know where to start, try focusing on food and music. When you get hungry, a trip to one of the many walk-ups like Stuart’s Conch Stand for some conch and lobster salad, Kalik beer and time with the locals is a must. When your sweet tooth kicks in, make your way over to Nate’s Bimini Bread to try a guava loaf and (you guessed it), some Bimini Bread. And once night rolls around, King’s Highway in Alice Town is where you want to be. Here you can hop bar to bar with ease and take in regional music and nightlife.

Stuart's Conch Stand - Lobster salad

Stuart’s Conch Stand – Lobster salad

Nate's Bimini Bread

Nate’s Bimini Bread

The Best Way to Stay

Up until just a few years ago, the only way to get to Bimini generally required an expensive charter. Thankfully, it now only takes a quick and affordable ferry ride. Aside from the islands now being in the realm of possibility for a great deal more people, this huge change in accessibility has meant the need for a great deal more accommodations as well. Enter the Resorts World Bimini—a 4-star property with plenty of incredible rooms and amenities. For those that are a little worried that staying somewhere a little more commercial might cut them off from getting to truly experience the island, fear not. One of the many nice things about the size of Bimini is how easy it is to get from one place to another, and the hotel is no exception. Whether you’re waking up in a gorgeous villa or a beautiful room in their Hilton, you’re just a quick walk or ride away from everything mentioned above. With all that said, it’s no surprise Resorts World Bimini was featured as a pit-stop prize on The Amazing Race this season. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time here?

Resorts World Bimini Pool

Resorts World Bimini Pool

Resorts World Bimini Suite

Resorts World Bimini Suite

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