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Sure, Jamaica is a great place to relax. I enjoy spending a few hours soaking in the sun’s warm glow with a cold drink as much as the next traveler, but sometimes I crave a bit more excitement from my escape. Want to add a little adrenaline rush to your trip, too? Read on for some of the best places in Jamaica to get your heart pounding. Don’t worry, you can spend tomorrow sitting by the pool, reminiscing about your excursions. But today, it’s all about making great memories … and ADVENTURE.

Climb Atop a National Treasure

Anyone who travels to Jamaica is sure to have heard of Dunn’s River Falls. This gorgeous piece of nature must be seen first-hand to appreciate its beauty, and there are plenty of tours to do just that. Climb 600 feet up Dunn’s River Falls hand-in-hand with fellow ambitious adventurers, as a local guide leads you to the basin of the falls.

Daring adventure seekers band together to climb Dunn’s River Falls.

Or take a catamaran cruise, where you can snorkel amid nearby reefs, hike the waterfall, and then climb back onboard your ride for a little reggae-infused entertainment. While in adventure-packed Ocho Rios, complete your waterfall tour at the stunning Blue Hole and Island Gully Falls.

Ride Rolling Waves

Ready to jump in and get that swimsuit wet? A tubing or kayaking adventure on Martha Brae River is the perfect excuse. Your heart is sure to race as you float, tumble and paddle down this scenic river.

Don’t forget to take in your surroundings on your excursion!

Wave to the more timid travelers as they quietly raft through this legendary escape — and keep your eyes open for incredible sights as the river weaves through a tropic forest packed with local flora and fauna.

Explore the Backcountry

Give in to your need for speed with an ATV Safari Tour through the tropical Jamaican backcountry. You haven’t truly explored this incredible island until you’ve gone off the beaten path … and ended your day with a little mud in your hair! Pack an outfit you don’t mind getting dirty and head for the hills to enjoy a high-flying adventure showcasing the area’s breathtaking rural landscape.

The best adventures are a little messy.

Soar Through the Jungle

Go wild as you zip atop, bobsled through and ride a chairlift 700 feet above Mystic Mountain on a Tranopy Tour. Breeze past the treetops on an incredible adventure, partially inspired by the classic 90s Disney movie, Cool Runnings. You know … “Jamaica, we have a bobsled team!”

See Jamaica from a new perspective on a zipline tour.

True fans will also appreciate Kool Runnings Adventure Park in Negril, home to Jamaica’s largest water park and plenty of exciting family-friendly activities — from kayaking to paintballing to go-kart racing.

Get Cozy with the Caribbean

Maybe you’ve given snorkeling or scuba diving a try, but how about a horseback beach ride or deep sea fishing? Get up-close-and-personal with the Caribbean as you embark on a unique excursion few can say they’ve experienced. These horses are so comfortable with their Jamaican home, they’ll even take you swimming! And who doesn’t love coming home with a great fish story that’s actually true? From mahi mahi to blue marlin, catch a BIG one — and take home a photo to prove it!

Create your own real life fish tale!

What adventures have you had in Jamaica? Share your stories below!



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