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Odds are you have thousands of vacation photos stored on your smartphone. Now might be a great time to stop scrolling and put them to tangible use. Moments captured during weekend getaways, family vacations and bucket list adventures needn’t end up in the digital black hole of iPhone storage to eventually be forgotten, especially when there are so many ways to turn your travel memories into a beloved memento, easily from your smartphone. Here are some ideas that will inspire you to scroll with purpose—and create something worth sharing and saving.

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Photo books

Gone are the days of bringing rolls of film to your local photo shop, waiting days for the film to be developed, then manually placing 4×6 images into photo albums. Now you can create custom photo albums effortlessly from your smartphone. Companies like Shutterfly, Snapfish and Artifact Uprising—and their corresponding apps—make it easy to import photos from your camera roll into ready-made templates to design professional-looking tomes that house treasured travel memories.

Mini (childproof) photo albums

Chatbooks allows you to create custom photo albums, too, but it offers a unique option that the others do not: a monthly mini book subscription. You can pull photos from your camera roll, Facebook and Instagram into the creation of a new 5×5-inch photo album that gets delivered to your door each month. Not only is the album small enough to fit into a purse, but it’s made with durable paper for tiny hands—with a free replacement if it gets destroyed.

Tiny brag Books

You might also consider this: a 3.5×5-inch “brag book” that houses eight of your favorite photos. Pinhole Press, which doesn’t have an app but whose website is mobile-optimized to pull in photos from your smartphone or Facebook, can produce a stylish, fabric-bound accordion album to keep tucked into your purse or pocket. It’s perfect for those bragging moments that necessitate something impressive and impactful to pass around to friends, family and colleagues.

Digital picture frames

Photo courtesy of Nixplay

Why look at the same static vacation photo when you can see many rotating images in a single frame? Import your favorite photos to a digital picture frame, like those made by Nixplay. Its handy app allows you take photos from your phone and immediately upload them to the frame. Switch up the featured photos as often as you like without incurring any wait times or print-processing fees.

Wall Art

Photo courtesy of Mixtiles

Create beautiful and affordable wall art composites using photos that you took. The Mixtiles app allows you to turn cameraphone pics into 8×8-inch photo tiles that stick and restrick to your walls—without nails or causing any damage.

Smartphone cases

Wrap your smartphone with your favorite travel memory using The site is mobile-optimized to import photos directly from your smartphone to create a one-of-a-kind phone case.

Pillow cases & blankets

Photo courtesy of Shutterfly

Wrap your body up in a blanket that features favorite travel memories. allows you to design custom fleece blankets and photo pillows using your photos, as do apps like Shutterfly and Snapfish.

Custom photo puzzles & games

Photo courtesy of Pinhole Press

Pinhole Press can take your favorite travel memories and transform them into custom photo puzzles, dominoes, finger puppets and more. Game night will never look the same again.

Luggage tags

Photo courtesy of Shutterfly

Memorialize that favorite travel moment into a customized luggage tag that will continue to travel with you wherever you go. Each time you pack, carry or roll the luggage to which it’s attached, you’ll be reminded of why you travel. Your memory might inspire other travelers while you’re on the road, too. Apps like Shutterfly and Snapfish are among the many apps that offer a luggage tag option.

Quality prints

Sometimes a good, old-fashioned photo that you can hold in your hands is all that you need. However, drugstore photo prints aren’t always … shall we say, the best quality. If you’re a fan of professional-quality 4×6 or 5×7 prints, download the Mpix app to upload photos straight from your smartphone or tablet.

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