California has always been on the radar of most vacationers with its wonderful year-round weather, world-class hotels, restaurants, and an endless array of activities for every kind of traveler. We asked the queen of adventure, culture, and smart luxury, Dr. Cacinda Maloney of to share one of her favorite glamping experiences, just in case you want to try it!

At first glance, I was surprised when I was invited to a hideaway in downtown Ojai that is comprised of a group of refurbished airstreams! The Caravan Outpost had invited me out for a few days during a Denali and Dog event. We were going to do things like doggie yoga, a visit to a dog beach, and even listen to a dog whisperer! She was going to teach us about dogs and their behaviors. These are just a few examples of things that many Californians like to do with their dogs.

There are plenty of spaces to hang out with your dog at Caravan Outpost. They also have a general store for unique one-of-a-kind shopping. They have a fire pit with plenty of comfortable chairs in a common area, as well as a long ‘friends and family-style’ table for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is community glamping at its finest, yet it is within the city limits. It is a different kind of boutique hotel. It is welcoming, hip, and unique. In fact, if I was an aged rock star, a musician, a coffee farmer, or even a retired stockbroker, I would fit in perfectly with the locals in this town.

What is the Caravan Outpost?

The Caravan Outpost is a unique community-style camp of eleven airstreams permanently parked in a sort of semi-circular fashion. Each airstream has its own private patio area with chairs, but there is also a common area. On their website, you can scroll over each airstream to pick how many bedrooms and amenities you want. Each airstream is given a name. I chose the #8: Diego, which had a queen bed, a full bed, a kids bunk and sleeps four adults and one child. No pets were allowed in this particular one, but they are OK in others, so choose the right one for you.

Caravan Outpost

Photo by Loren Haar

What is an Airstream Hotel?

An airstream is a particular type of American-made motorhome that is distinctive in the shape that they are made – in particular it is a polished silver aluminum sausage-shaped recreational vehicle. I specifically remember as a kid when on a family road trip to Colorado, we passed one on the highway leading to the Rocky Mountain National Park. Sleek and sophisticated on the road, I dreamed even back then to spend a few days in one of those. We were in the family station wagon and there was no way I felt as cool as the kids that rode in that travel trailer.

Way back in the 1920s, the original owner and developer of the airstream was building trailers out of Masonite in his backyard in Los Angeles. So it seemed fitting to me that 90 plus years later in California itself, I would be staying at an airstream lodging property!

Airstream Hotel in Ojai

Located in the gorgeous town of Ojai, only a few hours from the bustling city of Los Angeles, the Caravan Outpost is in a garden-like setting surrounded by palm trees, pixie orange, and tangerine groves. It is also within walking distance or a bicycle ride to the main area of town.

Here in the Ojai Valley, you will find plenty of healthy restaurants, a place to have a glass of California wine, and even a bookstore or two. There are no chain stores here. Close by you can find wine tasting and vineyard tours, yoga hangouts, massage studios, and even a hot springs and meditation center. Just ask at the check-in desk of the Caravan Outpost for any of this information.

This area is legendary for its rehabilitative and restorative services, so you can’t go wrong for a relaxing visit. And if you prefer to be more active, you can hike, trail run, mountain bike, swim, surf, and even rock climb. There is always plenty of things to do in Ojai to keep you busy in the area.

Caravan Outpost

Photo by Loren Haar

Perfect Place for One or Many

Did I mention this would be the perfect place for a friend gathering, a wedding, or even a casual event for a company? Even a family reunion would work here. They have all the facilities you will need. It is super hip, and the food that you can have catered here is a dream come true.

Seriously, if you just want to get away with your loved one, or want to bring the entire family, it can work either way. With it being so close to the Los Angles International Airport (LAX), we were able to drive straight to Ojai in less than 2 hours. The scenery was green and the ride was perfect!

What Are You Waiting For?

Caravan Outpost

Photo by Loren Haar 

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