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Italy is one of those countries that charms you into visiting again and again. There’s so much to see, do and eat and everywhere you look, you discover another hidden gem. After following Sher She Goes’ recent photos of Italy on social media, we asked the blogger to share her favorite spots in Italy that blend romance, beauty and mystery. Here are her picks!

The Most Romantic Places in Italy

Is there anywhere more romantic than Italy? I’ve visited the country four times and always leave wanting more. Here are my favorite places in Italy for the ultimate romantic getaway, whether you prefer sunny ocean vistas, an active escape or an indulgent foodie getaway.

1. Cinque Terre

Five picturesque fishing villages line the rugged Italian Riviera, making up the Cinque Terre. Each of these towns are stunningly beautiful, with stacked pastel buildings, tiny trattories serving fresh seafood and harbors filled with sunbathers and fishing boats. Relax by the sea, go hiking on the Sentiero Azzuro cliff trail or sample endless pesto and focaccia! A vacation in the Cinque Terre is breathtakingly romantic.

By day the towns fill with visiting day trippers and cruisers, but around sunset the crowds have mostly left. We love Vernazza, best for overnight stays, as it’s the only town with a natural beach and the 11th-century castle restaurant serves great Ligurian fare with incredible views of the ocean.

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2. Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most famous romantic spots in Italy. Take a funicular in Como town for magnificent aerial views, shop ’til you drop in Bellagio or enjoy a leisurely lakeside dinner in peaceful Varenna.

Our favorite aspect of Lake Como is its beautiful villas. Make sure to explore Villa Carlotta, a lakeside villa filled with art, and Villa del Balbianello, a renaissance mansion that was the film site for movies like Star Wars and James Bond!

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PC: Simon Rae for Unsplash

3. Pienza

It doesn’t get more romantic than Pienza, a hilltop village in the heart of Tuscan wine country. The town is named after Pope Pius II (elected Pope in 1458), who transformed his anonymous birthplace into a beautiful masterpiece of Renaissance architecture.

Explore the tiny streets of this UNESCO World Heritage town, soak in the views of the vineyards at Val d’Orcia and have a kiss on Via dell’Amore (the street of love) and Via del Bacio (street of the kiss).

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4. Portofino

Portofino is one of our favorite seaside villages in Italy. With its pastel houses, excellent seafood restaurants and yacht-filled harbor, it’s easy to see why film stars and fashionistas flock here every year. Live la dolce vita by browsing the designer shops, enjoying an apertivo on the harbor front restaurants and taking the scenic walk out from the harbor to the lighthouse.

Avid divers can explore the original Christ of the Abyss statue, which is submerged 56 feet below the surface in the Mediterranean Sea, between Camogli and Portofino.

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5. Lake Maggiore

As the favorite playground for English poets Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lake Maggiore is utterly enchanting.

By day, enjoy the gardens of Villa Taranto and tour the baroque palace Isola Bella. By night, feast on the excellent local cuisine. Maggiore is shared between the two Italian regions of Lombardy and Piedmont, while neighboring Switzerland is just across the lake to the north, so visitors can enjoy a delicious amount of choice and flavors!

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6. Venice

Is there anywhere in the world more unique than Venice? For over 1,700 years, the floating city of grand canals, backstreet waterways and marble palazzos has captivated visitors. Get serenaded on a gondola ride, tour San Marco’s grand basilica and learn the art of glass making on nearby Murano – Venice has lots to see and do!

Venice in the summer can be a war zone. Visit in the off season to fully appreciate its charm!

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7. Lake Orta

If you want bragging rights, head to Lake Como. If you want peace and tranquility, hop to Lake Orta! This peaceful Italian lake is a bit of a local secret and the Milanese want to keep it that way. Practically empty during the week, Lake Orta is the perfect honeymoon spot for couples who want to experience all the charm, uninterrupted.

Enjoy the colorful piazzas, romantic churches and lakeshore restaurants all to yourself. Make sure to take a boat to the island monastery of San Giulio and explore the chapels built into the cliffs of Sacro Monte mountain.

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