So you’re headed to NYC with your beloved significant other and are looking for the absolute best venues for an unforgettable date or two? You’ve come to the right place. The best dates are those that are unexpected, where a simple twist on a traditional idea or something that’s more off-the-beaten-path becomes one of your most treasured memories. Luckily, New York is among the best cities for such unexpected dates, thanks to its sheer size, countless things to do and constant flow of new offerings. Read on for 5 great unexpected date ideas in New York City!

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Walk the High Line


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Sure, with more than 5 million annual visitors, the High Line is no secret. But sometimes a simple stroll can be a lovely way to connect with someone. And sometimes, that simple stroll can be through one of New York City’s most famous outdoor landmarks. Ten years ago, the High Line was just an obsolete elevated railway in Chelsea known for its dilapidation, overgrown weeds and presence as an eyesore. Today, that same structure is known as one of New York City’s most treasured attractions, serving as a 1.5-mile walkway lined with gorgeously manicured plants, commissioned local artwork and breathtaking views of the waterfront’s high-end living, dining, shopping and stunning surrounding architecture. Broadly considered a testament to modern urban planning and its benefits, The High Line is a charming date idea, especially around sunset, and what’s even better it that it requires little planning ahead!

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Take the New York Beer and Brewery Tour


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Do you like going out for drinks, but feel like you and your date are always just going to bars? Then you’re going to love this! The New York Beer and Brewery Tour is a journey through many of the delicious local beer halls New York City has to offer. Led by Viator, the tour, which lasts about 4.5 hours (if you’re like me, that’s plenty of time for a quality day drink!), features visits to three New York breweries and includes transportation, drinks and snacks. To me, the tour’s unquestionable highlight is visiting Williamsburg and its Brooklyn Brewery, known for the green logo that highlights the bottles and cans of its famous (and delicious) Brooklyn Lager!

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Catch a game

With all the potential date ideas New York has to offer—restaurants, live music, Broadway shows and more—it’s easy to forget the city is an incredible sports town, fielding more professional sports teams than any other American city. While New York’s football teams (the Giants and Jets) play in nearby New Jersey, the 5 Boroughs are home to many other pro teams, including baseball’s Yankees (in the Bronx) and Mets (Queens), along with basketball’s Knicks and hockey’s Rangers, which both play in Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden, also known as the world’s most famous arena. No matter when you’re in New York, one of these teams will definitely be playing, giving you and your partner an unforgettable live sports opportunity in the Big Apple!

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Gorge at Smorgasburg

What if just going out to eat could be something more fun, interactive and outdoors? To achieve this—along with a quintessential taste of Brooklyn living—check out Smorgasburg. A portmanteau of “Smorgasbord” and “Williamsburg,” Smorgasburg is an event where you can eat and drink yourself silly in Williamsburg. More specifically, over 10,000 patrons and 100 vendors converge on the East River State Park each Saturday from April to November to indulge in craft beer, lobster rolls, ramen, frozen popsicles and basically everything you ever imagined wanting to eat and drink. Entering Smorgasburg is free, but be prepared to regularly open your wallet as these delicious food and drink offerings don’t come cheap. That said, it’s well worth the expense to absorb both phenomenal Manhattan views and plenty of delicious calories.


Explore Chelsea’s art scene

While The High Line may be one of Chelsea’s newer attractions, this New York neighborhood has long been famous for something else: the modern art gallery. Have your partner join you in exploring the 10 blocks west of 8th Avenue between 17th and 27th Streets where the two of you can ponder the cutting edge art found in the more than 250 art galleries that consistently display a variety of new collections and live performances. My top two picks are The Kitchen, a non-profit space known for its experimental video and performance art, and the International Print Center, New York’s only gallery exclusively dedicated to all print mediums, including woodcuts, printmaking and etchings.

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